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May, 2009

Line Artwork  For Machine Embroidery Digitizing, Hand Embroidery & Other Uses  

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bulletTaking a year off - this year, 2006 - from doing custom line artwork.  However, former clients are welcome to contact me.  This year I won't be accepting new custom clients.  I am also raising my rates - graphic design and graphic art. 
bulletCleaned up this Page, including fixing the broken links.  My apologies at the breaks! 
bulletNew, now selling the Crosses below as a $5 for 10 set.
bulletExpect some new line artwork here before long.  I'll be getting the word out here, of course, on the blogs, Groups, via E-Mail, etc. when that new line artwork is available here.

The Line Artwork for Sale

Click on the hyperlink or graphic below to see each entire set of line artwork, as well as to see it in a larger and clearer form.  This clicking will also take you to another Page where you can buy this line artwork via PayPal. 

Watch here for new line artwork


Crosses - 10!

Simple crosses and ornate crosses

$5 for all

More Hearts Joined - 6

$15, Limited to 5 Buyers


Watch here for new line artwork Watch here for new line artwork

Hearts Joined - 4

$10, Limited to 5 Buyers

Click on the hyperlink or graphic above to see the entire set of line artwork, as well as to see it in a larger and clearer form.  This clicking will also enable you to buy it. 

I've watermarked its Web version for copyright security purposes.  You would be getting nice, clean clipart without any watermarks, of course!

These are 4" x 4" .gif files done at 72 - 100 (Web) resolution using a 2 point black outline.  I can offer these files at other resolutions and in other formats, including vector (.ai, .eps, .wmf, .png).

Satisfaction guaranteed.  Upon notification from PayPal of your payment, I will E-Mail the set to you as a .zip file (or not zipped, if you wish) within 48 hours.
Solution Graphics

MUSIC Line Artwork - 20-Pack on CD @ $10  (link fixed!)

Offering the following clipart, created using the professional-standard Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop software.  All clipart features a black 2 point size outline and centered within a 4" x 4" white background. 

bulletTreble clef graphics
bulletBass clef graphics
bulletNotes - a variety
bulletMusic Staff graphics
bulletMusic Heart graphic
bulletMusic Humor graphics - a variety
bulletKeyboard graphics

The clipart comes in .GIF or .JPG, .BMP, .PDF, .EPS and .WMF file formats.




For examples of this artwork on actual merchandise see CHM Design Store's Music Merchandise Dept.

You can buy the 20 Music Clip Art Designs in all the file formats mentioned above on CD for only $10 at CHM Design Store. 

bulletSee my artwork being sold as part of a product - "Red Hat Alphabet" - from an online machine embroidery business: Sweet Sensations Embroidery.  Yes, that's my red hat.  (No, I did not do the alphabet part.)
bulletSee that same red hat turned into a project! Sweet Sensations Embroidery - PROJECTS




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