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Carolyn Hanson Mayer

Graphic Design & Illustration, Writing

May, 2009


For Women Old Enough to Know Better store

And now its own Page on this site


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Store News, New Graphics, New Merchandise...

Wazzup CHM Biz Blog

The silver button above takes you to a general Blog which will be summarizing store and website news (as well as what's up on the Wazzup Page.)

"Sales & Features"

New Feature: "Popular Products."  Some of the store's best-sellers.

Note my Google Rank for bass clef merchandise!

Check out the new Premium Store For Women Old Enough to Know Better - for "seasoned" women and their kids and grandkids.

Sudoku has been added to the "Geeks/Nerds" section in "& More" - heads up, my fellow Sudoku fanatics.

  Music Circle of Fifths T-Shirt (comes also in white - and now in other colors)  


The store For Women Old Enough to Know Better has its own Blog!

 For Groovy Ladies  You can also click on the white "banner" to get there.

Music Stuff Page - Music Merchandise and other Music Stuff.  With the focus on music - just music.  (NO "& More.")  The Music Page's focus is on music merchandise offerings and links to music humor, resources, links, etc. for those who love music, and, especially, for musicians and their fans.  This Page is in development and expansion.  Expect much more!  Find entries from Music Stuff Blog instantly updating in a table on this Music Page.

Music Stuff Blog

About the CafePress CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More...

bullet Buy stuff with music graphics on it, aka Music Stuff. -(Wearables & Not-Wearables
bullet treble clef graphics - MANY, in different styles and colors
bullet bass clef graphics - many, in different styles and colors
bullet C clef - two versions: traditional basic black, also "silver" "embossed"
bullet other music symbols, such as the eighth note
bullet musical instrument graphics
bullet piano/keyboard - 2 graphics now
bullet guitar
bullet tuba
bullet trumpet
bullet trombone
bullet saxophone
bullet clarinet
bullet bassoon
bullet violin/fiddle
bullet acoustic string bass
bullet bass drum
bullet snare drum
bullet harmonica/Blues harp
bullet flute
bullet French horn
bullet cello
bullet oboe
bullet Brass & Sax - tuba, trombone, trumpet, and sax together - black
bullet Brass & Sax #2 - same instruments as above
bullet in Blue
bullet in "Brass"
bulletmany more instruments to come, including electric
bullet "New Orleans Music" - some graphics with text, all with tuba, trombone, trumpet and sax - all in festive Mardi Gras colors: purple, blue-green, gold.  This is about appreciation and celebration for New Orleans Music; accordingly, these will be donated or sold at lowest or no mark-up.  OIOW, find bargains here, plus support New Orleans.
bullet Beethoven! graphics
bulletBlowing in the Wind [Instrument] - vintage music humor graphic funny for all, but especially for big brass players.
bullet Circle of Fifths graphic - 4 versions & more new ones! (see one of them above - the voting thing)
bullet Buy "& MORE." (Stuff that's not Music Stuff, but is worth looking at, anyway.)
bulletNerd & Geek Wear & Ware  (bringing a whole new meaning to html code)
bulletalso Pretty Nerdy goods for us girly geeks (in pink) 
bullet "Geek Freaks" - check out the binary code.
bullet Cuckoo 4 Sudoku! - yep, a graphic honoring that fine number puzzle game
bulletPeace - Peace on Earth!  My peace symbols are popular. 
bullet Christian Crosses 
bullet& Still More
bullet California, OC & HB stickers, shirts, and other merchandise
bullet American Eagles & American Stars 

My CafePress Store products come from high-quality, name-brand manufacturers (such as Hanes) and are backed by CafePress's excellent customer service, easy return, and money-back guarantee. 

I'm selling a wide variety of T-shirts, sweatclothes, mugs, hats, pillows, bags, stickers, buttons, magnets... really too much stuff to list here, so please do us both a favor and just go take a look at my many wondrous offerings:  CHM Design - Music Stuff & More | CafePress

Music Wearables of all kinds - be sure to look under the Music Graphics you like in the Music Merchandise section to find what you're after.


The Bass-ment

The "Bass-ment"  - For the "Low Down"


Antique Woodcut Sax Ash Grey T-Shirt

Musical Instrument Graphics!

In "& MORE":


Stuff for Geeks & Nerds, as well as "Pretty Nerdy", for us girly geeks, also with Sudoku!


Peace - peace symbols, sometimes called peace signs


Christian Crosses


& Still More


California, OC & HB (Surf City)


All kinds of other Music Stuff

Need help with any of my products or E-Stores?  Do you have any questions?  Contact Me by E-Mail 

For your CHM Design Store-related enjoyment:

The Weekly Wazzup - items of, hopefully, amusement

Music Stuff Page - With the focus on music - just music.  (No "& More.")  The focus is on music merchandise offerings and links to humor, resources, links, etc. for those who love music, and, especially, for musicians.  (Still in development.)  Music Stuff Blog instantly updates here.

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