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Granny Gull is a seagull who lives around the beaches of Southern California.  The pier and beaches of Huntington Beach (Surf City, U.S.A.) are where Granny is most often  found.

As her name implies, Granny Gull is grandmother to grand-twins Pinky and Stinky.  See Pinky below, running to tell/snitch to Granny that Stinky had called her a birdbrain. 

Granny also has a surfin' teenage son, C. Gull.  Hopefully you'll be meeting him soon.

Note: Due to the incompetence of the beginning cartoonist, Pinky is looking as if a fish, dolphin, shark - or some other strange object - is chasing her.  On land yet.  Not true!  Today said cartoonist knows better than to be such a dork and draw in such a vague and confused manner. 

On the right of the agitated Pinky is Granny Gull as her original low-tech pencil-drawn self.

In her younger and thinner days,
Granny Gull at the beach


A hunky gull from out of Granny Gull's colorful past


Granny Gull's relatives from out of town drop in for a visit.


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