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bulletHUNTINGTON BEACH CONFERENCE AND VISITORS BUREAU, HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, SURF CITY, USA - HB - Where Granny Gull and her family and friends do much of their hanging.  Check out the photos. (Link has been updated.)
bullet International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach - this is Surf City, boys and girls - gotta have surfer stuff!
bulletSurfline -  Love their surf Web cams.  A good Web destination for those interested in surfing.
bulletHuntington Beach, Surf City Surfing Site
bulletWelcome to Huntington Beach - complete with Surf City, USA music
bulletAmigos de Bolsa Chica - Friends of the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, as well as friends to the creatures who live there, such as gulls.  Check out their Photo Galleries
bulletSeagull Photos
bulletMore Seagull Photos
bulletSee and listen to the Laughing Gull
bulletUtah [?!] State Bird, California Gull - Go figure.
bulletOkay, WHY the California seagull is the Utah state bird.  From, of all places, the Des Moines Register editorial page.  Gulls to the rescue!  Go Granny, go Granny, go Granny, go.  Gulls as heroes.
bulletRobertson Baker Fallwell, Televangelist Seagull.  A very funny, PG-rated site.
bullet Aggressive Seagulls Menacing Urban Britain - Gulls gone bad.
bullet Whales & Dolphins
bulletWDCS - Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
bulletAmerican Cetacean Society - whale, dolphin, and porpoise education and conservation
bulletWhalesong - Live and Archived Sounds of the Humpback Whales
bulletThe Pacific Ocean (and vicinity)
bulletAntique Maps of the Pacific Ocean
bullet Visible Earth - California - NASA images
bulletNorth Pacific Ocean Theme Page
bullet MSN Maps & Directions - Map of Orange Coast, CA
bulletNOAA Home Page
bulletEarthquakes, Tsunamis, Wildfires & Other California-type Disasters (no hurricanes!  hurray!)
bulletTsunamis & Earthquakes at the USGS
bullet International Tsunami Information Center - Current Tsunami Messages
bullet American Red Cross - what you should know to save yourself from a tsunami (and a few other disasters)
bullet DigitalGlobe | QuickBird Images of Tsunami Sites
bulletUSGS Earthquake Hazards Program-Northern California
bulletWest Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center - even experience a virtual earthquake
bullet News and Information--GEOLOGIC HAZARDS TEAM (Landslides Hazards and debris flows) - USGS
bulletThe Queens Mary! - the ships (I'm a sucker for boats, ships, the ocean, and the Queen Mary, etc....)
bullet Cunard: The Most Famous Ocean Liners In The World (their words, not mine - 'though arguably true!) - re Queen Mary 2's recent and future visits to the ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach
bullet Queen Mary 2 "meets and greets" the first Queen Mary at Los Angeles/Long Beach - photo, news story, and podcast (.wmv file)
bullet Facts and History of The Queen Mary - from Queen Mary's website
bullet Images in and Around The Queen Mary - Photo Gallery from same site
bullet RMS Queen Mary - from Monsters of the Sea: The Great Ocean Liners of Time - this site shows the Queen in her wartime gray camouflage (FWIW, my uncle was one of the many, many American troops QM transported during WWII.  This uncle served in an Army tank corps in, I assume, Europe?  The QM was nicknamed "The Grey Ghost" during her role as WWII troop transport.).
bullet Queen Mary 2 Ocean Liner on Yahoo! News Photos - more photos of the meeting of the two QMs
bullet Queen Mary - Visiting Queen Mary - History
bulletNot a link, just a couple of factoids:  The old Queen Mary was just as fast (up to 35 knots) as the new Queen Mary 2.  The old Queen Mary is rumored to be haunted.  The old QM is a nice place to stay - I've spent a night in one of her first-class cabins.  (No, it wasn't scary; no, I didn't see any ghosts.)  Also, if you're at all into Art Deco, visit this ship.
bulletCalifornia, Busted? Archive
bullet Seagull Strikes Back - The Aussie Surf Classic!
bullet - The Bird and The Sea - The Bottom Of The Sea
bullet - The Perilous Voyage


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