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Humor, Fun & even Inspiration, including some old stuff from Wazzup:

A very varied and far-ranging assortment, pretty much PG-rated...

bulletA Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor - A must-see, must-hear, for anyone who has ever lived in the Midwest, is Lutheran, is Scandinavian, is from a small town, likes music, humor, good writing, or is a human being.  Find these radio stories archived on this site both in print and audio, along with when and where you can find this radio program.  
bulletSaturday Night Live Transcripts
bulletMonty Python's Flying Circus - Transcripts and More.  The Spam Sketch, from whence the online term "Spam" derived.  Check out the sketch, you'll see why.  
bulletThe Marx Brothers - and check out the links
bulletW.C. Fields Fan Club - and check out the links
bulletLaurel and Hardy - The Official Website
bulletThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart - some of the best political humor on TV now.
bulletHow to keep an idiot busy (besides creating Pages like this...)
bulletNoisy Neighbours - An apartment building from Hell.  My favorite neighbor?  The clog-dancing elephants.
bulletAnd by the same artist:  The Interactive Jazz Singer (Yes, you will find this on my Music Humor Page as well.  You've been warned.)
bulletWord Play - havin' fun wid da language...
bulletSLANGUAGE.COM - Slang and interesting pronunciations from Chi-town to Hollyweird, Right Coast to Left Coast, and The Fly-Over States, too.  And, gee, the rest of the world is even included.
bulletThe Dialectizer - "Convert English text to any of several comic dialects."
bullet Shakespearean Insult Generator
bulletGeek Love Machine!
bullet Alternative Affirmations
bullet Ask Magic Greenspan - The Fed Chief as Magic 8-Ball
bulletThe Deadly Follies of Stick Figure Warning-Man and Family - You know the guy - he's everywhere showing us what not to do.  Watch out! - Life's Unanswered Questions
bullet Celebrity Driving School Game
bulletFugitive Socks from Mommarama - The 10-Most-Wanted Socks.  Missing and orphan socks - why?  Why!  I sob in desperation, missing a couple of dozen of my own.
bulletHow to act convincingly - - LOL hilarious, check it out
bulletEric Conveys an Emotion - See Eric emote.  Ask Eric to emote.  Get an Eric mask.
bullet Virtual Yes Man ... He knows exactly what to say
bullet International Toe-Stubbing - Click on the flags.
bulletThe Three Stooges Official Website - nyuk, nyuk, nyuk
bulletGolden Age Cartoons - All about classic cartoons.  Merrie Melodies, Looney Tunes, Road Runner, Felix, Warner Bros....
bulletPaper Airplane Flight Simulator
bulletBlondestar - "Onstar" for blondes and similar.  A LOL.
bulletvideo - pen tricks - The most dramatic and exciting with your speaker on.  Maybe this will be the next Olympic sport??
bulletZoning Zone -
bulletBlack Hole of the Web
bulletRainbow Trip - Click stuff and watch cool effects.
bulletFlow - - Not sure what to call this, but it's cool.  Click it every chance you get to make it do yet more interesting things.
bulletThe Meditation Corner
bullet Online Finger Meditation Tool - actually, something neat, not funny.  Either way, definitely different.
bulletThe Six Patron Saints of Graphic Design (and turn your speaker on) - Most of you who are not GDs will still be able to relate.
bulletM A N G Y   D O G's Funky Spiral to Oblivion - or rather "Spiral to Funky Oblivion", same diff.  Use speaker for full effect.
bulletDress Up Magnet Sets - I was looking for the Dress Up Bush, but he can no longer be found, darn.  Just the same, finding Betty Boop, Elvis, Lucille Ball, Jackie Kennedy, Scooby-Do, the Wizard of Oz, The Three Stooges, the Virgin Mary, and much more, all in the same place fascinated me.
bulletMy son sent this gem to me, wouldn't ya know.
bulletNostalgia Central - This site features the '60s, '70s & '80s.
bullet Create-A-Character - a South Park character, no less.  (I have mixed feelings about South Park.  Just the same, this is kinda neat.)
bullet The Tombstone Generator - for after you get your own Hollywood star.
bulletFun Noise & Celebration!
bulletJohn Philip Sousa
bullet Fireworks Show - Shoot Phantom Fireworks Online!
bullet Still More Fireworks

For yet more funnies, this time of a musical bent, see this site's Music Humor Page.

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