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Still More Humor 

A very varied and far-ranging assortment, pretty much PG-rated, includes some old Wazzup stuff...

bullet Humor Found in My E-Mail
bulletMy personal favorite: Yahoo! Games - online and/or downloadable
bullet Bubblewrap Game - Is your secret vice popping bubblewrap?  Now you can do it online, anytime you want, sort of.
bulletPac-Man  !
bulletBattle Pong - Pong!
bulletThe BBC Wastepaper Basket Toss Game- surprisingly good
bullet Whack-a-Flack - still in the office, still "busy" throwing paper
bulletFree Online Sports Games - Go nuts!  My favorite game is the 3-point hoops, maybe because it's the only one I can do well.  (I don't even bother with those football ones, but you might enjoy them.)
bulletSmite Thee - Play God with thunderbolts and blessings.
bullet ODEON Usherette Game - guide the movie theatre patrons to their seats
bulletMarx Bros. Games
bulletMarx Libs - Remember Mad Libs?
bullet Why A Duck? -- Hangman - Marx Bros. version
bullet Concentration! - a la Marx Bros.
bullet Quiet the Baby Game (so realistic it scares me)
bullet Billy Borschbelt - Comedy at its worst.  Your job:  Throw vegetables, etc. at this cornball.
bulletOnline Checkers Game  - complete with AI opponent
bulletOnline Chess Game  - from the same folks that brought you the checkers just above
bullet Operation Donation Game
bulletKewlbox: Games: Beat the 3PM Slump - (Please excuse the Lipton Soup plug - don't let it spoil a cute Pac Man-like game.)
bulletPink Slip Panic (at Camp Chaos) - Isn't our economy fun?  Attack people with pink slips.
bullet New Bubblewrap Game - I especially recommend Manic Mode - JigsawMaker 3 - make puzzles and send them to your friends.
bulletMatt - Finger Twister - Remember "Twister"?  (Be sure to have some glass cleaner on hand for your monitor if you play this game...)
bulletGooglewhacking: The Search for The One True Googlewhack - a sort of game
bullet Google Search: Googlewhacker - sorry, I just couldn't resist the irony
bullet|| || - Games - the Webby Winner
bulletnintendo themes, a cappella (a choir performance of classic nintendo songs) - video - a can't-miss for Mario fans.  Brilliant performance.
bulletAlbino Blacksheep / Flash / Mario Twins - the Mario game - the $2 version.  Funny! for those familiar with the real game.  [Rerun here in honor of the previous.]
bulletBeing Artsy...
bulletMr. Picassohead
bullet:: Making Over Mona ::
bullet Mona Lips-Synch
bulletQuiz: Art or Crap
bullet | Photoshop Contests | Escher "Remixed"" - an M. C. Escher fan, I got a kick out of these creative take-offs.
bulletDave Devries's Monster Engine - This artist takes children's drawings and turns them into realistic characters.  Fascinating.
bulletThe Section of Wisdom and/or Delightful Beverages (P.S. Buy my mugs.)
bulletMagic Coffee Mug - your source for hot, freshly-brewed advice  - just the thing for the website of somebody who sells mugs.  To buy my mugs, and you know you want to...MUGS, MUGS & More MUGS > CHM Design Store
bullet:: The Oracle of Starbucks ::   Behold the Oracle of Starbuck's.  "Astrology is lame and Myers-Briggs is for losers. The omniscient Oracle of Starbucks can tell you everything about your personality by what you drink at Starbucks." (P.S. Buy my mugs.)
bulletAsk the Marx Brothers
bulletDr. Werner Wilhelm Webowitz: Web Quack Psychiatwist
bulletVOX REGIS - (The Voice of the King) - An audience with the King of Rock.  Elvis, a Ouija board, and you.
bullet Virtual Mom - After all, who's wiser than Mom?
bulletMildred's House of Signage - Funny for all, but a must-see for Chicago-lovers. - (THE John Cleese .com?  What is this - The O. C.?)  Be sure to catch John Cleese's video welcome to his website.  And, don't, whatever you do, miss his Silly Walks.
bulletWhen Office Supplies Attack -
bulletThe Offspring Section (no, not the band)
bullet First Child, Second Child, Third
bullet The Lighter Side - House Cleaning Tips For New Mothers (Also, old mothers...)
bullet Parental Observations
bullet Mom's Dictionary
bulletThe funny babies...
bullet Baby Queen - What happens when you run out of Pampers, poor babies...
bulletBiker Baby: Born to be Wild! ("Got my Big Wheel rollin'...")
bulletKaraoke Baby: Somebody to Hug!
bulletHeeey Maaaa! More baby.
bulletDiaper Wars! Fun - Yes, babies do Star Wars - Jabba the Tot, Luke Cribwalker...
bulletSee also Diaper Wars, up above in the Star Wars section.
bulletOne of my babies - Son Mike makes strike w/ camera in right hand, ball in left! - see the video
bullet See the whole video used in the college presentation - see what young people from "the" O.C. are really like.  This is a nearly 3-minute download, but worth it.  Cinema Verite (sp?).  You can also tell from this video that we - SoCal - had our second rainiest winter on record (see the dark cloudy SoCal skies).
bullet IFILM - Mr. T's Rap Song - Mr. T's ode to mothers
bulletJob Want Ad: Mother
bullet Be June Cleaver (How To) - BTW, I don't remember ever seeing June Cleaver w/o her pearl earrings and necklace, do you?
bulletHealthy Insanity - 20 Ways to Keep Sane.  Obligatory.  (you may have seen this in your E-Mail at some point)
bullet - Star Wars music humor a cappella.  I had to save this .mp3 to get it to play, but then I'm no computer whiz.
bulletmoosebutter - the group responsible for the song.  Check out their other funny music stuff, too. | Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes - Good ol' Cap'n Wacky!  From his Death Star of Fun
bulletOne Man Star Wars - this guy does a one man show, complete with sound effects and music of "Star Wars."  Here's a clip.  (He also does a one-man "Lord of the Rings", too.)
bulletTheForce.Net - Humor - Latest News - Too much Star Wars, but do check out the funny stuff.
bullet Star Wars Toys That Never Were
bulletThe Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom - a load of stuff by Joel Veitch that will probably crush your will to live - aka the Webby Winner for Humor.
bulletPatently Silly - The Humor of Invention - strap-on waste containers, hat flags, etc. - all inventions actually officially patented
bulletClassic Cars Old TV Commercials - Great.  (Requires REAL Player - a free download if you don't already have it.  Find a link to it on the site.)  SoCalifornians, be sure to check out the Cal Worthington commercials - I'm surprised the guy's still alive.

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For yet more funnies, this time of a musical bent, see this site's Music Humor Page.

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