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Food & Animal - and sometimes both - Humor

A very varied and far-ranging assortment, pretty much PG-rated, includes some old Wazzup stuff...

bulletVisit Granny Gull's games
bulletCats & Cats
bulletThe Infinite Cat Project
bulletThe Frown : Stack the Cats - Don't you dare stack the crabby old lady's cats!
bulletAlley Cat Game
bulletThe Moggy Horde's Silly Sleeping Pose Olympics! - Cats sleeping silly.
bullet - a cat being useful
bulletMousebreaker - Mmeoww! Game - This game is happy and sweet if you catch all the kittens, but kinda gross and sad if you don't.  Warning: Cartoon Violence Possible.   Cartoon kittens were harmed in the making of this game. - kittens battle it out as to who's the cutest. (I'm sorry, they're ALL very cute - I cannot choose.)
bullet TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES "The Cat Concerto" cartoon - An Oscar award-winning short - Tom and Jerry's interpretation of a Rachmaninoff piano concerto.
bulletSaturday Night Feline Presents Simba and the Catnip Band - Pretty much what it says.  For those who like dancing "cats."(to this Page)
bulletCats in Sinks - for all your cat and bathroom needs - what it says, photos of cats in sinks (so, where's the cats in hats??)(to this Page)
bulletThe Daily Kitten - a new cute kitten photo posted daily on this blog.  Cat lovers, check this out.(to this Page)
bulletOther Animals
bulletThe Spring Chickies Dance
bullet Naughty Bunny - for sure!  What happens when a real rabbit meets a computer....
bulletDOG JUDO - Several brief episodes involving dogs who do judo.  These judo dogs also talk, in wonderful British accents even.
bulletCloning Gone Wrong! -
bulletFowl Words. - Flash Game
bulletscary squirrel world - TWIGGY THE WATER SKIING SQUIRREL - Be sure not to miss the other Profiles in [Squirrel] Terror on this site.
bulletAlbino Blacksheep / Flash / Badgers (Badger, badger, badger, badger. Mushroom, mushroom! Snake!) - the link says it all.  Amusing and strangely hypnotizing music and animation. I've yet to be able to watch this all the way to its end - that is, if there is an end!  I'm reminded of the MIDI sequencing term "infinite loop."
bulletWeebls Stuff - Toons - Kenya [with Lions & Tigers]
bullet"Groundhog Chase" - A series of video clips featuring The Groundhog chasing his Shadow.  LOL funny.  Turn on your speaker for full effect.
bulletPoke the Penguin
bulletBunnies re-enact the story of the Titanic in 30 seconds
bulletJaws in 30 Seconds, re-enacted by Bunnies - another offering of the 30-second famous movie series re-enacted by bunnies (see link directly above).
bulletSquare up your Squirrel - Help your squirrel dress for a job interview.
bulletCows With Guns - Mad cows, really mad cows.  And watch out for the chicken in choppers!
bullet Chicktionary Game - Like "Text Twist", but with chickens and funny.
bulletWhen Hamsters Attack! - All kinds of hamster fun and games.  Don't miss it.
bulletAlbino Blacksheep - Flash / Hamster Dance - RERUN, but really belongs here!
bulletCute Overload - even with "Cuteness To-Go" (that name is trademarked).  But all non-human.  Where's the human babies?!  Do check out the "Cute Products"  Warning: May contain cats.(to this Page)
bulletSubservient Chicken - Have chicken your way.  And check out the downloadable Chicken Mask.
bulletSubservient President - NOT food, but...  I had Bush dance.  Have him your way.
bulletHow to fry an egg on an XP - Yes, a computer.  (But, what's with the brown sauce?)
bulletLasagna from Heaven - Garfield eats and eats.  This game makes me hungry.
bulletHans Burie's Belgian Chocolate Car (yes, you read that right.)
bulletKookyChow Dot Com - exactly what it says: Kooky Chow.  Find tuna jerky and canned dandelions here, etc., etc. - Taco Joe - How fast can you make tacos, serve your customers, and whack cockroaches?
bullettomatoes are evil
bulletthe OFFICIAL Killer Tomatoes® Web Site! (which may, or may not, end up someday in the "Movie Madness" section)
bulletWise Beverages (P.S. Buy my mugs.)
bulletMagic Coffee Mug - your source for hot, freshly-brewed advice  - just the thing for the website of somebody who sells mugs.  To buy my mugs, and you know you want to...MUGS, MUGS & More MUGS > CHM Design Store
bullet:: The Oracle of Starbucks ::   Behold the Oracle of Starbuck's.  "Astrology is lame and Myers-Briggs is for losers. The omniscient Oracle of Starbucks can tell you everything about your personality by what you drink at Starbucks." (P.S. Buy my mugs.)
bulletSPAM FAN CLUB - with all kinds of neat spammy things to do
bulletTired of the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, The Zone Diet?  Then try this - The Iceberg Lettuce and Coffee Diet  Recipes included!
bullet"Where's the beef? It's at a
Pennsylvania pub that serves the world's
biggest burger
— weighing in at NINE
lip-smacking pounds! That's no whopper —
you can actually get this meat monster for
$23.95, loaded with all the fixings: Two
whole tomatoes, a half-head of lettuce,
12 slices of American cheese, a full cup
of peppers, two entire onions, plus, a river
of mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard." [Oh, the saturated fat; Oh, the cholesterol...]
bulletWeebls Stuff - Toons - Potato, Potato - Want some fries with that?
bulletWeebls Stuff - Toons - Everyone Loves the Chocolate! - from the people who brought you Badger, Badger, Kenya, and the fries above.  Here's your chocolate dessert well positioned here between the hamburger-and-fries gluttony and the Valentine's Day Section following.
bullet Food Frenzy - A game in which you feed a penguin, a monkey, and a man. They'll freely express their opinions about what you're feeding them.

For yet more funnies, this time of a musical bent, see this site's Music Humor Page.

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