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"Katrinalaya" News
"Katrinalaya" will soon be available for digital download at CD
Baby, iTunes, and other great download sites.  
[Not found as of 12/7/05; you can also contact David at the bottom of this Page.]
All download proceeds will go to New Orleans Habitat for Humanity.
Much more about "Katrinalaya" - including its lyrics...
Katrinalaya – The Theme Song for the Rebuilding of New Orleans

While refugees from Hurricane Katrina in Lufkin,Texas, New Orleanians,
David “The Nac” Naccari, Sandra Hollan, and Steven T. Jones penned a
tribute to the resilient spirit of Louisiana evacuees to the melody of
the Hank Williams classic “Jambalaya.”  Their song of hope and
determination is called “Katrinalaya.” Katrinalaya echoes the shared experience of
millions of gulf coast residents who were displaced from their homes by
the largest natural disaster in the history of the United States - and
their triumphant return home to rebuild their communities.

Katrinalaya lifts spirits and says thanks to David, Sandra, and Steve’s
gracious east Texas hosts and all who have volunteered their resources,
talents, and energies in the cause of hurricane recovery.  This cleverly
crafted song utilizes humor as an effective coping tool in the face of
great tragedy and is all-inclusive in promoting good will for people
from all walks of life.  Katrinalaya employs clean, family style humor in
the proud tradition of country music.

From the day of its creation Katrinalaya exhibited all of the earmarks
of a hit record. David and Sandra sang it at poolside to fellow evacuees
at the Lufkin Days Inn. They sang it at the Pentecostal Campground Red
Cross Shelter, at the Salvation Army, in shopping malls, and on street
corners. Each time they sang Katrinalaya, their audience members responded with
smiles and laughter, and sometimes tears.  Each performance led to
invitations for additional performances - at schools, churches, the
Lufkin community health clinic, the elderly home – even at a hurricane relief
benefit concert at the China Fun restaurant.  In Lufkin, Sandra and
David sang the song twice on television, on four different radio stations,
and were featured in a page and a half story in the Lufkin Daily News
complete with color photos.  Upon his return to New Orleans (the first night
that residents were allowed back into New Orleans) David sang the song live
on ABC-26 News and was later interviewed by Susan Roesgen for NPR
affiliate WWNO.

A week later David sang Katrinalaya at the Algiers Oktoberfest backed
by Egg Yolk Jubilee. Two audience members spontaneously shouted “RECORD
IT!” A woman danced in the field before David as he sang the song. 
Afterwards she told David: “I have lost my home, I have lost my job, but I have
not lost my spirit!  Thank you for your beautiful song.”  The next day a
California National Guardsman told David:  “I will remember your song
long after I return to California.”  Earlier that week a Red Cross worker
visiting the Tout de Suite Coffee House in Algiers told David (after he
had staged an impromptu concert): “You have given us some of our best
memories of New Orleans – thanks for sharing your wonderful song.” 
When David sang the song to the faculty of Gretna Middle School (where he is
a Louisiana History Teacher) in the early days after his school’s
re-opening, one colleague had to leave the room to keep from crying. 
Some faculty members were teary-eyed but most laughed with delight and
good-humored resignation. David’s 7th Grade Social Studies students
love Katrinalaya. David uses the song and other ukulele tunes to teach his
students social studies content standards.  Katrinalaya is also a big
hit with the students of Isidore Newman School near David’s uptown New
Orleans home. It’s difficult to accurately measure the positive emotional
effect that Katrinalaya is having on residents of the gulf coast.  Most people
who have heard Katrinalaya have simply commented, “I want to buy that

It was hard to find a recording studio in New Orleans in those early
post-Katrina days (most had been flooded out or destroyed from wind
damage) but Debra Ponsaa heard David sing Katrinalaya on the streets of
Algiers (one of New Orleans oldest neighborhoods) and she put him in
touch with her husband, musician Allan Ponsaa. Together with bassist Wally
Kay of Algiers, they went to the home studio of Shawn Anthony in Gretna and
laid down 16 tracks of music gold. Katrinalaya embodies all of the
style and proficiency of a great country hit and is worthy of its Hank
Williams heritage. You’ll love the rhythmic strum of David’s ukulele, the strong
driving beat of Wally’s bass, the honky-tonk chimes of Shawn’s piano,
and the wailing refrains of Allan’s mandolin.  Scrub board, spoons, harp,
and electric and rhythm guitar give Katrinalaya a Texas blue grass sound
that is nonetheless uniquely New Orleans.

Katrinalaya is quickly becoming the “battle hymn” of hurricane
recovery. An architect from Hollywood, CA remarked: “Katrinalaya is the theme
song of the restoration of New Orleans.” David has performed Katrinalaya at
famous New Orleans restaurants to resounding cheers and applause including
Upperline, Clancy’s, and the Crepe Nanou. David continues to perform
Katrinalaya at hurricane recovery centers throughout New Orleans. Red
Cross volunteers, national guardsmen, firemen, and FEMA workers love
Katrinalaya because it says thanks to them for the hard work that they
have performed and represents the spirit and culture that New Orleans
is famous for. They find it the perfect souvenir to take home from their
New Orleans mission of recovery. Sony/ATV Music has generously granted a
gratuitous license for the production of Katrinalaya. Net proceeds from
the sale of the CD are dedicated to hurricane relief.  These funds will
help rebuild historic New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, which is in
desperate need of vital resources in the aftermath of the horrific
destruction inflicted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Since his return to New Orleans, David and his students have made two
“from the field” reports to radio personalities Dark and Debbie of KYBI
Y100.1 in Lufkin.  David and Sandra fondly remember Billy Baldwin at
Christian Radio KSWP 90.9 FM who first put Katrinalaya on the air. 
David respectfully implores Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno, and David Letterman:
“put me on your show – Katrinalaya is the song that everyone in America
should hear!”  David also wants to perform Katrinalaya for the governors of
Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida, and for President Bush at
the White House.
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~~~~  LYRICS  ~~~~

Music by Hank Williams
Lyrics by David “The Nac” Naccari, Sandra Hollan Thornburg, and Steven
T. Jones
Copyright Sony/ATV Music Publishing 2005

Good by Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh
Cause the whole subdivision’s now a bayou
Levee broke – no time to joke – me oh my oh
Gotta go contra-flow to where it’s high-oh

Oh, hurricane, you’re a pain, me oh my oh
‘Cause the bowl that I called home is filling up-oh
Didn’t pack - what’s on my back is all I got-oh
Filed FEMA claims to ease our pain when we got out-oh

Oh, CNN, you’re my new friend for all the news-oh
We get fed six times a day by the Texarkano’s
More Lousians in Texarkan than armadillos
Evacuees not refugees that’s our new name-oh

Oh contra-flow – we gotta go, to Lone Star land-oh
Get those Aggie and Longhorn fans to lend a hand-oh
Glad that I’m here and not down there, me oh my oh
Son of a gun, ain’t havin fun on the bayou

Thank our new friends and go back home when it’s okay-oh
And we’ll rebuild the city that we love-oh
Make houses high so we won’t cry the next time-oh
Son of a gun, don’t need more floods on the bayou

Creole cuisine and Cajun queens is what we love-oh
The best in jazz is what we have to make you smile-oh
Come party gras at Mardi Gras and second line-oh
Thanks for helping save our city on the bayou!

 * * *

For bookings and interviews contact:
David “The Nac” Naccari

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