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Carolyn Hanson Mayer

Graphic Design & Illustration, Writing

May, 2009

MUSIC Page - Music & Only Music Stuff on this Page  Save to My Web

This Page, quite frankly, is about plugging my music merchandise.  If you're more interested in music humor or other matters musical, please visit these (non-commercial) Pages:

~ Music Humor - Bad Music Jokes, music humor (obviously), etc.
~ Music Humor Archive - a collection of the Bad Music Jokes
~ Music Medley - a musical miscellany of resources, links, etc.  

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From Music Stuff & More...

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Newest Music Store - CHM Music Stuff Store @ Spreadshirt

Visit the Spreadshirt Store Page for more information and to view some of the CHM Music Stuff merchandise. 

CHM Music Stuff store offers apparel in colors not available @ CafePress.  I can also offer my treble clef and bass clef graphics in white, flock, silver, and gold in this store.

Pictured is just one of the many shirts, bags, sweatshirts, jackets, and other merchandise available.


CafePress Store Music NEWS:

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bulletSee the My CafePress Stores Page for general news about CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More
bullet More musical instruments may be added as time goes by, so keep checking back if you don't see your favorite instrument right now. 
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Music Merchandise  

Such as drinkware, wearables, housewares, and much more, at the CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More : Powered by CafePress.com featuring music symbols, such as the treble clef and bass clef in a variety of colors and styles, music notes, as well as a wide assortment of musical instrument designs, and still more music designs.  Music T-shirts are available at as low a cost as $11.99, while color T-shirts, golf shirts, ringer tees, aprons, kids and babies' clothes, sweats, and "girly" tops, are also available.  Find hats of many kinds, even find underwear! 

Also find music ware as well as music wear: magnets, stickers, posters, cards, pillows, mugs, bags, authentic snail mail postage stamps...  Loads of music stuff.

Summarizing the Music Merchandise graphics...  (And, please note how these are active links taking you directly to the item.)

bullet Buy stuff with music graphics on it, aka Music Stuff. -(Wearables & Not-Wearables
bullet treble clef - MANY, in different styles and colors
bullet bass clef - many, in different styles and colors
bullet the C clef - in two versions: traditional basic black and "silver" "embossed"
bullet other music symbols, such as the eighth note
bullet musical instrument graphics
bullet piano/keyboard - with a new, second graphic
bullet guitar
bullet tuba
bullet trumpet
bullet trombone
bullet saxophone
bullet clarinet
bullet bassoon
bullet violin/fiddle
bullet acoustic string bass
bullet bass drum
bullet snare drum
bullet harmonica/Blues harp
bulletFrench Horn
bulletBrass & Sax - tuba, trombone, trumpet and saxophone together
bulletBrass & Sax - in black
bulletBrass & Sax #2 - in "brass" and in blue
bullet Beethoven - in black and in two blue versions
bullet Circle of Fifths - four versions, just added another four versions!  On black tees now, too
bullet"Blowing in the Wind" [Instrument] - humorous vintage bass brass graphic
bullet The "Bass-ment" - Find bass clef and bass instrument graphics here

As always!

See the Music Merchandise Dept.

in CHM Design - Music Stuff & More : CafePress.com

Music ClipArt CD

Offering the following designs, created using the professional-standard Adobe Illustrator software.  All designs are high resolution, featuring a black 2 point size outline and are centered within a 4" x 4" white background.  My designs come in .GIF or .JPG, .BMP, .PDF, .EPS and .WMF file formats.

My Line art for Embroidery and for other uses...

How to buy this Music Line Art?  You'll find the Music Designs on CD at my CHM Design CafePress E-Store, with 20 4" x 4" music designs for $10. 

What can you do with these designs other than embroidery?  Sky's the limit.  These will print out comfortably on your home printer.  You can use these designs for heat-transfer prints on items of your choice, you can hang them on a wall, you can color them in - either on your computer or print them out, then color them in.  The music designs can be helpful for music-education purposes.  Note that the .WMF files are Microsoft Word format files, so they work great in Word and Word-related software.

20-Pack on CD @ $10

bulletTreble clef designs
bulletBass clef designs
bulletNotes - a variety
bulletMusic Staff designs
bulletMusic Heart design
bulletMusic Humor designs - a variety
bulletKeyboard designs

   <----- BUY NOW





The 20 Music Designs on CD for only $10 is at the CHM Design Store on the Storefront

More of my Music Pages to visit:

bulletMusic Humor - Bad Music Jokes, music humor (duh), etc.
bulletMusic Humor Archive - An Archive of Bad Music Jokes
bulletMusic Medley - music miscellany of resources, links, etc.
bullet Music Stuff Blog
bulletMy Spreadshirt Store Page for CHM Music Stuff store


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