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Carolyn Hanson Mayer

Graphic Design & Illustration, Writing

May, 2009

Music Medley Page

Music Medley, a nicer way to say Music Misc.  A little bit of musical this, and a little bit of musical that...

Find music resources here, a link to my Music Humor Page, links to my music merchandise (stores, clipart), and assorted other musical miscellany.  I will be adding more and more - as always, stay tuned.

This tiny treble designates some of my personal favorites, consider them recommended.  Consider multiple tiny trebles a big deal.

As you might guess, and as elsewhere on this site, this is something NEW.  Keep an eye out for these bright yellow suckers.

Last Update: August 2006 (Great new Guitar Resource.  Also Music Mnemonics - aids for remembering information about music.  And link to Instrument Blog.  See the 50 Albums "That Changed Music".)

Note: Regarding the last update above (OMG, that's over a year!), enjoy the goodies here, but look for my renovated, improved website coming up before long.

For the latest info on my stores, etc., please subscribe to my CafePress monthly newsletter, and to my blogs.  Yes, I do have a Music Stuff Blog @ http://chm-musicstuff.blogspot.com

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  • Other Music Resources & Links:
    • Caution: Some self-interest involved with the following two links:
    • NAMM - The International Music Products Association. 
    • MENC: National Association for Music Education website
    • My Yahoo! Radio Station - customized according to my musical tastes, although much that I like has been left out, such as classical music.  Go ahead, listen in.
    • Drum And Bass Radio - BassDrive - Nothing but rhythm 24/7
  • Music Humor - also home to the Wazzup Page's Bad Music Joke of the Week
  • Music Humor Archive - where old BMJOTWs go (more than a year's worth)
  • About Music & Me

  • Music Online Stores:

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