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May, 2009

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Dateline: Southern California, Friday May 01, 2009

  Habitat for Humanity  Help the hurricane homeless build their homes.


What's new regarding this Page this week

bulletFind neat new things down below - they'll be marked with a
bulletWith Election 2008 coming I may pick up again the blog in the News & Views - California section (?)
bulletFrom GasBuddy - want to know where to get cheap gasoline in O.C.?  Also fill in your ZIP code to find cheap gas anywhere in the U.S.
bulletWe've gone and busted our freaking Planet.   See the Earth section here

Table of Contents

bulletNews & Views - General
bulletThe Cost of the Iraq War
bulletHuman Cost (with not even counting the Iraqis killed)
bulletMonetary Cost
bulletLet the political campaigns begin! - November 2008  
bulletGulf Coast Recovery
bulletEarth EveryDay  (formerly Earth Day)
bulletNews & Views - From Southern California  - The News & Views from a SoCal P.O.V., from California as well as about California
bulletThe Related Blog - News & Views - From Southern California
bulletGranny Gull's Page
bulletArchive Pages:
bullet"Election 2004" Archive
bullet"Election 2004" Archive, Part 2 & old "News & Views" & Old Star Wars stuff (?! yes)
bullet"California, Busted?" Archive
bulletThe Weekly Wazzup Page - Just Neat Stuff.  Have some fun and find curiosities and items of interest.  It's my Playground, which I enjoy sharing with you.  Always (usually) fresh. 

News & Views (replacing Election 2004 and Post-Election 2004)

CNN.com - The U.S. & Coalition Forces Casualties in Iraq - a continually updated listing by date or in alphabetical order, offered here out of respect, in sorrow, and with sympathy

washingtonpost.com: Faces of the Fallen - similar to the above, but with many photos of the fallen in the Iraq War.

Let's remember, also, the many wounded and maimed in this war.

Search for gas prices by US Zip Code

10 Ways to Lower the Cost of Driving from ConsumerReports.org on Yahoo! Autos

Fuel Economy - from the U.S. Government.  All kinds of good information on the subject, including comparing vehicles against each other in regard to annual fuel cost, as well as air pollution

Today's Best Political Cartoons

Today's Front Pages - The daily front pages from newspapers around the U.S. and around the world.

Commentary Today - from the Left and from the Right, the latest from leading political commentators

"The Daily Show" on Comedy Central - Jon Stewart and his gang with the best political satire on TV.  Watch video clips from the show here.

Comedy Central - The Colbert Report - something of a spin-off from "The Daily Show" above

TIME Magazine - News Magazine - Current Events

--->  A few of my favorite topical cartoons, including editorial cartoons:

bulletNon Sequitur
bulletPat Oliphant 
bulletDaryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index!
bullet The New Yorker magazine cartoons


bulletIs It Over Yet? - Find out the percentage of G. W. Bush's term of office that has already been completed (Yes, updated to include his second term.).
bulletChortler -- The George W. Bush Countdown To The End Of His Presidency Clock
bulletBuild a Better Bush
bulletAmericana (or what you call a section too good to give up after July 4.)
bulletThe Declaration of Independence is Reviewed
bulletOur Founding Fathers Rap (by JibJab, makers of the famous Kerry-Bush "This Land")
bulletDo You Speak American | PBS
bulletJohn Philip Sousa
bulletThe History of Independence Day
bullet4th of July - Independence Day - also includes the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
bulletSample INS Citizenship Questions - How well can you answer these?
bulletFirstGov.gov: The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal - no less!  Every American ought to have this bookmarked somehow, IMHO. 
bulletUniversal Studios: United 93 - the website for the well-reviewed movie about United Flight 93, the jet that the passengers crashed into the Shanksville, PA field in an effort to keep the terrorist pilots from flying the hijacked plane into the Capitol Building on September 11, 2001.  (even the trailer and other promo material are powerful - it certainly brought back 9/11, with all its thoughts, sights, and feelings!, to me)
bulletJustice is Duck Blind! - Remember that whole business about Cheney and the Energy Commission and Supreme Court Justice Scalia?  (Whatever became of all of that, anyway...?)
bulletGive Bush a Brain Game - Self-explanatory.  (Contains genuine Bushisms, in his own voice.)
bulletUnderstanding the truth (and lies) about liberals and conservatives -- Beliefnet.com - Seriously.
bulletCNN.com - Transcripts - CNN Presents: Fight Over Faith - Religion, politics, and the recent election.  Again, seriously.
bullet 25 Things To Do Before the Bush Inauguration - If you've been procrastinating you better get a move on!!  (This is a humor bit, while a little late, is too funny to pass up altogether.  Yes, I am still procrastinating - 3/28/06)
bulletChortler - Yoga for Democrats - Help is on the way.  Peace be with you.
bulletMark Fiore's Animated Political Cartoons
bulletThe Age of AOL video - A real LOL!  x(: D    ROF,L...!
bulletMilkandCookies - Origin of CTRL-ALT-DELETE - video a little slow in downloading (at least today), but worth the wait.  "I may have invented it, but Bill made it famous."  Not only stars the Creator of the Three-Fingered Salute, but co-stars Bill Gates.
bulletThe Drugs I Need... - thanks to JibJab for referring this link.  Be sure not to miss this song/cartoon animation poking fun - and a [well-deserved] sharp stick - at drug companies.
bulletChortler - George W. Bush Emoticons - The President shown as "resignatory" to "compassionated" to "nucular" - and more
bulletPurpose Driven Life - the book's website.  Note that you can read the first seven chapters online at no cost.
bulletThe Capitol Steps Home Page
bullet"When You're 64" parody - Social Security
bulletChortler -- The History Of The World In 10 Seconds
bulletBeat the Meter - Make buying gasoline fun!  This game has you as a gas station attendant (remember those?)
bullet Political Cartoon Rorschach Test - Political Cartoon Quiz - how you rate these funny pictures will indicate your political leanings (if you didn't already know...).  Amusing.
bulletBushisms Audio Gallery - Funny Bush Audio Clips - Bush Quotes
bullet"The Onion" in the year 2056
bulletDemocratic Middle Eastern Union Votes to Invade the U.S.
bulletChortler - Presenting The Huffington Post Blog Filling Gizmo - Too busy to blog?
bulletThe George W. Bush Loyalty Quiz - It's possible I may have posted this before a long time ago, maybe, and my apologies if I have.  Regardless, it's time once again to test your loyalty.
bulletDonklephant - big teeth, huge ass, surprisingly reasonable, and a worthy blog
bulletonegoodmove: Bush Flips Out - our President is such a class act.  Bush giving the media the finger.
bulletNASA - Home
bullet Stupid Pat Robertson Quotes - Robertson's Top 10.  If he were less dangerous and had fewer followers, he'd be more funny.
bullet B.S. Protector - check out this guy's ear attire.  Couldn't we all use a couple of these sometimes?
bulletFlora Bush // The Child Left Behind - and you thought the Bushes had twins - Meet Flora, their rebellious third daughter.
bulletSince Tom DeLay's big news today: Tom DeLay compares himself to Jesus  - See the side-by-side comparison graphic
bulletLet the political campaigns begin!  November 2008
bulletThe [National] Democratic Party - the donkey's website and official 2008 election campaign center <-----

California Secretary of State - Elections & Voter Information  <-----


Check out the other California Election info in the California section further down this Page.


Al Gore 2008 - really, no kidding.  A site backing Al Gore to run again.  (Hope he does.)

bulletWalken 2008 - Official Website - this is a great hoax website.  Christopher Walken as President??  Hey, my guv is The Terminator... 
bullet - For those who can't get enough of dancing politicians.  Click on Hillary to make her dance.
bulletHillary Clinton Compares Bush to Alfred E. Neuman
bullet2008: Hillary for President?!! - FLOWGO.com - A funny.

YouTube - Barack Obama on MNF - Obama makes an "important" announcement

bulletGulf Coast Recovery
bulletRemember, these people still need the help of the rest of us Americans.  Give to these less fortunate as well as to your loved ones this Holiday Season
bullet The Story About Katrinalaya - The story is not over.  Read about and hear this parody of "Jambalaya" about Katrina and the bayous.  No, they're not really "son of a gun, having so much fun on the bayou" right now.
bullet The MP3 "Katrinalaya"
bulletKatrinalaya - News, Lyrics, and more about "Katrinalaya"  Look for the CD.
bulletOn feeling desperate and abandoned in New Orleans months after Hurricane Katrina -- Beliefnet.com
bulletM Styborski - Katrina Aftermath Video - Well done.  With Randy Newman's soundtrack.
bullet A Neighborhood Staggers to Its Feet - Los Angeles Times - A very informative and enlightening article, prominently displayed on the front page of the Times this weekend, which I found very enlightening about how recovery is proceeding in New Orleans
bulletNOLA.com: Everything New Orleans - the Times-Picayune newspaper
bullet Suze Orman - Resource Center - What to do for money after a disaster, etc. - after disaster strikes (hurricanes specifically here, but much of this can apply to any variety of financial disaster, such as being laid-off) doing what you can to retain and increase your financial assets listed step by step
bulletEven Mr. Bill Knew About the Hurricane Dangers in New Orleans! 
bullet Stupidest Hurricane Katrina Quotes
bulletThe Revolt of the Press Corps - no longer content to go along with the Administration, not in regard to the handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Watch your favorite reporters going ballistic on this.
bulletGod Outdoes Terrorists Yet Again | The Onion
bullet Bush Fishing Picture - Bushes Fishing in New Orleans - Bush Vacation Photo
bullet Bush New Orleans Mission Accomplished - Bush Photo Op
bullet While You Were Out FEMA Called - Bush Picture Joke
bullet Comedy Central - Media Player - Jon Stewart & "The Daily Show" - Bush's Timeline [the week Katrina hit]
bullet Comedy Central - Media Player - Jon Stewart & "The Daily Show" - "What, Me Sorry?"  Bush finally takes responsibility for the bungled governmental handling of the aftermath of Katrina.
bulletWhoopsi Gras 9/7/05 - Mark Fiore, being excellent, as usual
bulletChortler - The Anderson Cooper Hurricane Drinking Game
bulletNo Orleans - Uncyclopedia (isn't anything sacred??  For those who appreciate dark humor.)
bulletNOVA | Storm That Drowned a City | Watch the Program | PBS - yes, watch NOVA's program about Katrina and N.O. online
bulletSong "Eve of Destruction" (performed with ukeleles) - Updated to today's Iraq War
bullet CNN.com Video - Smurfageddon? - report and clips of UNICEF's recent Smurf anti-war video for Belgian TV.
bullet Stupid Liberal Quote Quiz
bullet Stupid Conservative Quote Quiz
bullet JibJab.com - Big Box Mart - JibJab jabs WalMart and their ilk, also the trade deficit, consumers, etc.
bulletCrony Jobs - Choice government careers for the taking. No experience necessary.
bullet CBS | Late Show Top Ten Archive: - Top Ten Signs Your Supreme Court Pick Isn't Qualified
bulletTom DeLay Mug Shot - October 20, 2005 - From The Smoking Gun
bulletChortler - Dick Cheney Responds to Your Stupid Questions - Dick Cheney, Advice Columnist
bulletChortler Poll - Karl Rove, The Bush Administration And The Plame Scandal
bulletIf Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History - see Fox cover the Crucifixion, the Boston Tea Party, check out what O'Reilly has to say about Southern slavery.  Also, see the coverage of the Civil Rights movement, the Titanic sinking, etc....
bullet The New Yorker: The Return of the Bush Quiz - Test your news knowledge (also funny)
bulletwww.dimwitty.com/11-08-05/presaddress.wmv - a scary video about our President and Congress (based on The State of the Union speech from 2003 - the actual speech a pretty scary one).  BTW, my college-age son sent this to me in an E-Mail saying "Watch that!"
bulletTest Your Boomer Knowledge - The Boomer Files - MSNBC.com - yes, on the Wazzup Page, too - sorry about that.  This quiz is harder than you'd think.  I got a 55%.  I guess if you're a Boomer and you flunk, it must mean you were living in a cave back then, or some such.
bullet Top 10 Bushisms of 2005 - Stupidest Bush Quotes of 2005
bulletEarth to America Comedy Special - good comedy, good reminder about global warming
bulletGeorge W. Bush in Polling Freefall
bulletWhile searching for a poseable Buzz Lightyear (not for me, it's a gift!), I came across this Action Figure:  George W. Bush "Elite Force Aviator" Action Figure
bulletWhat is Victoria's Secret? - (In actuality, "she" needs to stop wasting paper.)  Among other goodies in this video, be sure not to miss Karl Rove in ladies' underwear.   Yet another good one from "The Meatrix" people.
bullet JibJab.com - 2-O-5 (Two-Oh-Five, you know, this year).  Our President gives a year-end review, in song.
bullet'Truthiness' Is Word of the Year - companion to my blog entry today (1/13) noting the conflict between Stephen Colbert and the Associated Press
bullet Bush Nicknames - George W. Bush's Nicknames For Friends and Foes - you always wanted to know, and now you can
bulletNPR : Wait Wait -- Don't Tell Me! - lots of humor + news, including current news quiz. 
bullet Light Bulb Joke - Bush Administration Members Change a Light Bulb
bullet Battle Hymn of the Republicans - Funny Song Parody
bullet You Might Be A Democrat If... - some of this rankled, but too much of it was on-target not to post
bulletMichael "Osama Bin Laden" Moore vs. Chris "Hardball" Matthews
bullet video clip of Matthews describing Bin Laden as "a Michael Moore"
bullet Welcome to MichaelMoore.com! - Jihadball.  Bin Laden & Matthews portrayed as "special friends" on Moore's website (funny photos)
bullet video clip of Letterman dissing O'Reilly
bullet CBS | Late Show with David Letterman : DTV Player - Bill O'Reilly video clip - from the "Late Show"'s site (requires Real Player).  The whole Jan. 3 interview.
bullet "Bush"'s State of the Union Speech 2006 - sort of. (New on this Page)
bulletCagle's Web Log! from the Professional Cartoonists Index - had to see what cartoonists themselves are saying about this Mohammed cartoons uproar (or whatever to call it.)  Do note that the Muslim press has been known to publish cartoons making fun of Christians and Jews...  Turn about isn't fair play apparently?
bulletYouTube - Dick Cheney - Just A Big Bowl of Bad - from Letterman, video about how The White House wants to distract us so we'll move on from Cheney's hunting accident
bulletDick Cheney's To-Do List
bulletIFILM - Shorts: The Dubya Movie - bringing back the GWB bio from the 2004 campaign.  Starring the wonderful, recently-departed Don Knotts, doing a remarkably apt impression of the President. (rerun from 2004)
bullet The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less - Wow, talk about getting right to the point!  (Yes, this is on the Wazzup Page, but I do think it belongs here just as much.)  Could and should be a song, hmmm...
bullet Jay Leno's Q&A with "President Bush"
bullet Jay Leno Interviews "the Leader of UAE"
bulletPatriot Act: The Home Version - a Monopoly game that fits our times.  And there's even a free download version.
bulletInteresting "Google Glitch" which has been around for a while now, only I just discovered it:  Go to the Google Home Page, type in the word "failure", then click on "I'm Feeling Lucky", then see what happens. : ) 
bulletThe Lost Gospel of Judas--Photos, Time Line, Maps--National Geographic - this is all pretty exciting.  BTW, if you haven't yet read the Gospel of Thomas, you should - not only does it include familiar material you'll recognize from the canonical Gospels, but new-to-us teachings of Jesus, which are very likely, judged by Biblical scholars, to be as authentic as those in the canonical Gospels.
bullet The Gospel of Judas document itself - you can download it as a .pdf in Coptic - or in English (!)
bulletA Translation of the Gospel of Thomas (online) - you can read the Gospel of Thomas here
bulletBeliefnet: spirituality, prayer, God, angels, meditation...
bulletThe Christianity Portal of Beliefnet
bullet Comedy Central - The Colbert Report - see Colbert's bit about global warming just below in the Earth Day section
bullet Comedy Central - The Many Faces of Stephen Colbert
bullet CNN.com - Bush pokes fun at himself at dinner - Apr 30, 2006 - George W. Bush - twice!  (Bush was a good sport to invite this guy...)
bulletBack to Steve Colbert, who was also at this dinner...  Colbert White House Press Speech, Drop a Colbert Brick on Bush!!!
bulletKewlbox: Games: Drive Like a Kennedy
bullet2006 Webby Awards - the Webbies have been presented for this year
bulletSNL - If Al Gore Were President - with Al Gore - I saw this broadcast - it was wonderful.  Sad, too, in a way.  Clever and funny, any way you look at it.  (Gore apologizes for the budget surplus being smaller, also mentions G. W. Bush being the Baseball Commissioner, among other gems.)
bulletYouTube - India Driving - and I thought it was bad in L.A.!  Note how there is no apparent "right-of-way" whatsoever.  Scary.
bulletThe Da Vinci Code & The Albino Code
bullet CNN.com Video - The Albino Code Parody - I'm putting this here in support of an albino acquaintance.  It is a little unfair how albinos are portrayed in movies.  This parody is from an actor with albinism and a great sense of humor.
bulletThe Albino Code -- "Echo Not a Lie, DB." - the Home Page for the movie.  View the movie, as well as learn more about it here.  PS: I've been told by the star, etc. of this little film that it will be written up in PEOPLE magazine this week. (a direct scoop from your intrepid reporter)
bulletNOAH - The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation - get the real story here about albinism.  There are no evil red eyes - and not any more evil than there is with any variety of human being, of course.
bulletAlbinism in Popular Culture - very interesting, enlightening, and rather sad
bulletSkinema: Evil characters with albinism
bullet (again, yet another CafePress store!)
bullet CNN.com - Mona Lisa 'speaks' thanks to [Japanese] acoustics expert - be sure to look at "Related Links" to hear Mona Lisa, as well as Leonardo da Vinci "speak" - and don't let the Japanese scare you away.  Naturally enough, these voices are speaking in Italian - not in Japanese or English.  This is all about how the size and shape of one's face, head, and body affect the kind of voice one has.  There are all kinds of interesting purposes for this far beyond any movie trivia musings, such as use in criminal investigations. 
bulletSwearing to Success! 7/19/06 - Mark Fiore yet again being wonderful.  This time about this bleeping Middle East bleep.
bulletCALL CENTER - What really happens when you phone Customer Service.  Twelve minutes, but well worth it - very funny and on target.
bulletYouTube - The Immigration Debate - a funny, clever take on immigrants (legal and illegal) appreciated by this cracker daughter of a, ahem, legal immigrant.  Very interesting take re Native Americans and American History as well.
bullet Larry King Covers JonBenet Ramsey Case While World War III Starts - well, not really, but it wouldn't surprise me. (I've been starting to get pretty fed-up with CNN lately...  Too "infotainment.")
bulletEarth EveryDay - April 22 and always (Okay, yes, almost the same Earth Day content you saw on the Wazzup Page.  I believe it belongs in both places, plus I consider it that important.)
bulletWelcome to the California Climate Change Portal(yes, same link as in the CA section below)
bulletEarthday Network Homepage - the site of the folks who founded the very first Earth day.
bullet What You Can Do - Yes, you.  Right now, this very minute.  Changes you can make to your home, to your lifestyle, etc. - many of them quick and easy - to help our planet, which, after all, is the same thing as helping ourselves, isn't it?
bullet Earth Day Footprint Quiz - how many acres of Earth does it take to support you?
bulletEarth Day - US Government Portal
bullet Comedy Central : Video  - Stephen Colbert on Global Warming - a little satire on a serious subject
bullet An Inconvenient Truth - Google Video - a trailer for "the most terrifying film you will ever see" (you'll recognize the narrator unless you've been living in a cave for the past 15 years)
bulletAn Inconvenient Truth - the film's website
bulletStopGlobalWarming.org - a good action-oriented link on the film's site
bulletfrom this site: the HBO trailer from the 4/22/06 "Too Hot to Handle" documentary; The Blue Man Group; Will Ferrell as Bush on global warming; Robert F. Kennedy (yes, Bobby's son) interviews Martin Short representing "Big Oil"
bullethttp://www.ipcc.ch/ - the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: the large international group of scientists who released their authoritative report yesterday (2/2/07) which stated that our planet is freaking busted - and we pretty much did it ourselves.  (Okay, now what?)



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---> Note that most "old" Election 2004 items - and there are a ton of them - can be found on the Wazzup Election 2004 Archive Page.  And, now, presenting the new Wazzup Election 2004 Archive Page, Part 2.  I'm also archiving some old "News & Views" items in these "Election" archives.  <---

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Links & Other California & News/Views Stuff...  (Last update for this section: November 2006  See the blog above for the latest.)

For still more gasoline info: Orange County Gas Prices - Find Cheap Gas Prices in California

(Again on this Page) 10 Ways to Lower the Cost of Driving from ConsumerReports.org on Yahoo! Autos



Yahoo! Weather - Southwest U.S. Satellite


Yahoo! Weather - Southwest U.S. Outlook


Today's Outlook - The California ISO - the people controlling our electrical power with the status of our power grid today.  Handy to keep on top of, or prevent, possible blackouts when there's a hot spell.  Check out the Conserve-o-meter, also the tips for saving electricity.


AIRNow - Air Quality Conditions & Forecasts - Los Angeles and Orange Co. Coastal - a Federal site monitoring air quality, OIOW, how much ozone and particle pollution is there right now?


S.C.A.Q.M.D. Daily Air Quality Forecast - Let's see, SCAQMD = Southern California Air Quality Management District.  Find out just how lousy (or not?) the air is where you live and what it is likely to be tomorrow.


Real-time AQI data for North Coastal Orange County (again, the SCAQMD)


Welcome to the California Climate Change Portal


Huntington Beach - Live Beach Condition - from the pier area, live streaming web cam, highly cool - this is even better than Surfline.com. (What in the world am I doing at this computer?!  Oh, yeah, making some $$$...  Darn...)


CalPhotos - U C Berkeley's collection of 107,114 photos, most of a nature variety.

Wow, I'm amazed at how beautiful and graceful sea lions (Zalophus californianus, doncha know) are underwater, being big, fat slobs when you see them hanging out and lazing on buoys and rocks.


For those who like dolphins as much as I do - view photos


And seagulls, in this case Larus Californicus


Giant Sequoias - 43 photos!


Redwoods - 33 photos


Landscapes & Habitats - not to be missed - many, many beautiful and famous places, including state and national parks.


Los Angeles Times


California 2008 Election (all links updated since the November Mid-Term Election)

California Secretary of State - Elections & Voter Information  <-----


Voter Information Guide - the online version of what the state sends us in the mail


California Voter Foundation


California State Government: Smart Voter - from a great group - The League of Women Voters

Project Vote Smart - State Officials of California


Immigration Full Coverage on Yahoo! News


iSerenity - Roaring Ocean


A ton about the good ship the HMS Queen Mary.


"California, Busted?" Archive.


Granny Gull's Page


My Shameless Store Plug: California & OC merchandise

bulletThe Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger... 
bullet ArnoldWatch.Org
bullet Welcome to California - The Governor's Page
bullet The Terminator Meets Jesus - and stresses Jesus out with his violence.  A clever parody from MAD TV.  In the end Arnold reassures us all that "He'll [Jesus] be back."
bullet Arnie's Neighborhood - these are the people in his neighborhood @ 123 Schwartzenegger Street: Rover, the Cheney Monster, O'Reilly the Grouch, etc.  (Wish I had this earlier!  Still good, though.)
bulletConan vs. the Kindergarten Cop - very good video from the Meatrix people.  Maybe Arnold really does have this split-personality thing?  About a worthy topic - the poor condition of California's youth prisons (or Juvi Halls, as we call them here).
bullet California Graphics - Los Angeles Times - wonderful and fascinating graphics and maps about the history, land, and more, of California.
bullet 1955 - The Early Years at Disneyland - It's Disneyland's 50th anniversary.

Californians & related, check out the link here with Cal Worthington.  It's incredible.  Note how Cal W. goes from wrestling wild animals, standing on airplanes, etc. to merely being onscreen to being nothing more than a voice-over these days.  Note the same jingle the whole time:  "Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal...!"  This guy's been doing these commercials for how long?  I remember seeing Cal W. on TV in the late '60s and he was a fixture then. Classic Cars Old TV Commercials 


Huell Howser, another famous local character, spoofed on "The Simpsons" as "...a man called Howell Huser, who's been roaming America. They torment him so much that he breaks his 47 year long smiling streak. Huser leaves and appears on TV, saying just how terrible Springfield is. Within a month, the Springfield tourism business closes." (quote Wikipedia)  Yeah, that's about it.  Add, also, that Howser's one of the best looking older men (50+) I've ever seen.  The muscles on that guy!  He's still got a strong Tennessee accent, which makes him sound more like Al Gore than Al Gore does, which is somehow not very Californian, but it's definitely a part of the Huell Howser experience.  Great guy, great show.  If you want to see and learn more about California, it's a must-see.  Find it on PBS.  Note that the shows are sold on videotape, as well.

Huell Howser Productions | Welcome to California's Gold!

Showtimes - for Huell Howser's programs shown throughout California for this month of May.  Check out this huge list. 


Huell Howser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


KCET Online - Huell's Interactive LA

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