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Carolyn Hanson Mayer

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May, 2009

From Weekly Wazzup - TV, Radio & Movies Page

Dateline: Southern California, Friday May 01, 2009

What's new regarding this Page...

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Table of Contents

This Page - TV, Radio & Movies Stuff







Weekly Wazzup Page

bulletBad Music Joke of the Week (BMJOTW)
bullet Neat Stuff
bulletThe Sane Zone (about our Mother Earth, really)
bulletNews & Views
bullet News & Views from Southern California
bulletGranny Gull's Page
bulletHumor Pages - if you can't find an old funny, look at these Pages, there's also humor here that never made it into Wazzup.
bulletHumor Page 1
bulletHumor Page 2
bulletHumor Page 3
bulletHumor Page 4 - featuring Animals, as well as Food
bulletMusic Humor Page - Home of the BMJOTW and old Dancing stuff, etc.
bulletMusic Medley Page - music info, links & misc.
bulletArchive Pages:
bullet"Election 2004" Archive
bullet"Election 2004" Archive, Part 2 & old "News & Views" & Old Star Wars stuff (?! yes)
bullet"California, Busted?" Archive


Television, you know - TV


:: The History Channel :: Past Master - very neat for history buffs.  Reminds me of "Trivial Pursuit."  Single Player or Head-to-Head Games


Uproar Game Shows - online game shows. - Play many old-time TV favorites: Family Feud, The Match Game, Password, To Tell the Truth


For the Muppets, which are TV & Movies (Where to put them?  Not both places.  Follow the link to the Movies section)

bulletKOCE - PBS (OCE = Orange County Educational)
bulletHelp save KOCE, the only PBS station in OC
bulletHistory Detectives . Home | PBS - one of my favorite shows.  (Games & quizzes here.)
bulletIn Search of Myths & Heroes | PBS - I'm going to have to get my work done early enough today to watch this one.  Love history and myths, plus am a Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung fan.  Jason (The Quest archetype), Shangri-La (The Paradise archetype), the Queen of Sheba (The Woman of Power archetype), and King Arthur (The Hero archetype) are featured in this series.
bulletNOVA | PBS - NOVA's Home Page - for all kinds of fascinating science features.  And, be sure to check out NOVA's archived programs which you can watch online.

The Drew Carey Show - Dancing Drew - The reggae stuff kinda confuses me (why?), but whatever.  Music and dancing - almost always a good thing.


TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES - If you are a fan of old movie classics.  TCM.  (Okay, okay, this link is repeated in the Movies section - the dilemma being similar to the Muppets:  TV?  Movies?  TV?  Movies?  Sorry, Muppets, but TCM is worthy of duplication.)


Looney Tunes - the site for those wascally Warner Bros. cartoon characters


BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Fawlty Towers flying high at 30 - Love this show.  Catch it on our PBS. John Cleese of "Monty Python" fame is responsible for this show, as well as wonderfully playing the obnoxious Basil Fawlty.  "I kno-ow..., I kno-ooow.....", to quote Basil's show wife (Prunella [!] Scales).


WouldYouBelieve.com - Gadgets - No wonder "Get Smart" spun off the cartoon series "Inspector Gadget."  Note all the many different phones Agent Smart had - I had forgotten that.  And I thought he only had his shoe phone...   

bullet The Get Smart Page - homage to the late, great Agent Smart, aka Don Adams.
bullet Desperate Housewives - Home - okay, I'm a fan...  Good site for a fan, especially if you want to catch up with an episode you've missed.
bulletDesperate Housewives - Which Housewife are You? Quiz (I'm a Susan, it appears.)
bullet Commander In Chief Television Show - TV.com - are you ready for a woman president?

NBC.com > The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - found during my search for a recent Seinfeld animation shown on the show.  Lots of goodies here: funny videos, funny headlines, political humor, "Jaywalking", etc.

bullet Late Night's Conan O'Brien video highlights
bullet NBC.com Late Night with Conan O'Brien - Conan in Chicago (!), and other Travels with Conan
bulletThe Norman Rockwell Code Movie - A short film parody inspired by The Da Vinci Code. - and dedicated to Don Knotts.  Cast includes the son of Barney Fife, the son of Floyd the Barber, and Opie's decoder ring.  A long video, but worth it.
bulletYouTube - The Haircuts: So Rare & Flippin' (Sid Caesar) - Carl Reiner, Sid Caesar, and Howard Morris.  Be sure and catch the Flippin' dance solos.
bulletThe Sid Caesar Collection - yes, about plugging Caesar's goods, but also some interesting links, etc.
bullet YouTube - Star Trek Karaoke - an entire series of animated Star Trek action figures here, actually.  This is a Spock you have never seen.
bulletWavThis-TV Commercials - for those who can't get enough of TV commercials.  Classics, mostly.  .WAV files.
bullet Yahoo! Video - Classic TV Commercials
bulletTVparty! / Classic TV - still more classic TV
bulletYouTube - The Simpsons vs Star Trek - a performance of both themes, blended (yes, it's elsewhere on this website - it fits so many of my categories...)
bulletIf you grew up watching George Reeves as Superman - OIOW, if you're a Boomer, check out the movie section just below, down at the bottom, is a link to the new movie "Hollywoodland" starring Ben Affleck as a very believable George Reeves (yes!).  The movie's about George Reeves' startling (and somewhat mysterious) death.  The movie has received some good reviews (I look forward to seeing it...)
bulletReFrederator, Featuring Popeye - especially curious considering how much spinach (sadly!) is in the news these days.  (Of course, Popeye could also be in the "Movies" section..., but, well, he fits better here, IMHO.)  I especially like the older "Popeye"s.  Isn't it amazing how politically-incorrect good ol' Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl, and even Wimpy (oh the cholesterol!) would be nowadays.
bulletYouTube - The Daily Show 10 F-ing years: Even Steven - Stephen Colbert vs. Steve Carell.  Great stuff.



Stay tuned.  Content coming.  Really.  And here it finally is!  (See, told ya so.)


A Prairie Home Companion from American Public Media - I do believe I have this elsewhere on this site, somewhere... (this site is getting to be like a vast basement or attic...)  Anyway, this show is worth a repeat here - a gem with Garrison Keillor, live music (live everything, actually, unless it's a re-run), great comedy...  Of special interest to those from the Midwest, especially upper Midwest, Lutherans, and those of Scandinavian descent - often all the same thing.  Show's right on target too (I should know - I fit all those demographics, although I am no longer a Lutheran and live in California now...)  Keillor's a Baby Boomer - sometimes it shows, another common demographic.


A Prairie Home Companion | Official Movie Site Movie Trailers & Clips & Robert Altman - this movie is faithful to the radio program, along with the movie's story is, in essence, a real-time visual version of the radio show.

Celtic Art T-Shirts, posters, greeting cards , gifts, and keepsake boxes

Movies, The Cin-e-ma

 Fun Gifts 468x60 (anim)

bulletSpoilers for Every Movie Ever Made - A one-line summary of each and every movie ever made. 
bulletThumbs Do Movies - Yes, you read me correctly.  "Thumb Wars", "Thumbtantic", and more. 
bulletYou can be famous - Get your own Hollywood star here.
bulletBunnies re-enact the story of the Titanic in 30 seconds 
bulletJaws in 30 Seconds, re-enacted by Bunnies - another offering of the 30-second famous movie series re-enacted by bunnies (see link directly above).
bulletThe four word film review
bulletThe Movie Quote Quiz! Test your movie quote knowledge!
bulletTURNER CLASSIC MOVIES - If you are a fan of old movie classics
bulletLooney Tunes - the site for those wascally Warner Bros. cartoon characters (another link which belongs in both the TV and the Movie categories)
bullet The Da Vinci Code - Believe it or not, there is actually promotional material out there (at Sony) for this movie even though it won't be in the theaters until May 2006.  I like the video, the graphics work and the music on this site.  (Yes, I'm one of the umpteen million people who have read the book.)
bulletThe Gospel of Mary [Magdalene] from the fascinating and valuable website "Early Christian Writings."
bullet from Jesus to Christ: primary sources: the Gospel of Mary - from KCET - PBS-TV in Los Angeles, from the program "Frontline"
bullet  From www.beliefnet.com - About Mary M. and the Da Vinci Code
bulletBart Ehrman on the fiction of Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' -- Beliefnet.com
bulletBeliefnet: 'The Da Vinci Code' Faith, Doubt, and the Search for Truth
bulletLouvre Museum Official Website
bulletSee News & Views Page on this site for more Code controversy
bullet The Da Vinci Code on Yahoo! Movies
bullet CNN.com Video - The Albino Code - a parody of "The Code" by - who else? - an albino.
bulletThe Albino Code -- "Echo Not a Lie, DB." - the website.  View the full movie (it's short) here, as well as learn more about it - and albinism.  The movie is clever and funny.
bulletThe Norman Rockwell Code Movie - A short film parody inspired by The Da Vinci Code - yet another link which could be in both the TV and the Movie sections.  Professor Fife (the guy they really wanted was in Paris) and Sopha this time.  (Paraphrasing Fife:  "Sopha, sit here on the, uh..., couch." [drumshot])  Video starts with Sopha's grandfather running past Norman Rockwell paintings.  The keystone code thingie in this movie is Opie's decoder ring.  You'll never guess who (what?) Sopha is really.  The movie is dedicated to Don Knotts, BTW, and absolutely no Christians will be offended by the making of this film.
bullet Da Vinci Code - the movie's site.  The movie based on that extremely popular novel of the same name.  Tom Hanks will be playing the main character.  Ron Howard directs.
bulletUnder the "Games" - yes, Sudoku in disguise as "Symbol Logic" (I couldn't link directly to it, sorry.)
bulletThe Da Vinci Code - the novel's site.  (With games and codes to solve.)
bulletMona-mania - much about The Mona Lisa, mostly funny
bulletMona Lisa - Mona Lisa - Mega Mona Lisa Parody Gallery
bullet:: Making Over Mona :: - give the lady a make-over
bullet Mona Lips-Synch - choose Mona Lisa's expression
bulletThe Da Vinci Code parodies...
bulletThe Albino Code -- "Echo Not a Lie, DB." - funny, yet serious about albinism
bullet The Norman Rockwell Code  - Be patient with "The Toll" stuff in the intro, and be aware that the video runs for about half an hour, but it's all very worth it.  Believe it or not, this "Code" parody is dedicated to Don Knotts.  You'll see why.
bulletYouTube - Das Vinci Code - hey, I like Tom Hanks' hair that way!
bullet YouTube - Psychodelic Mona Lisa "The Da Vinci Code." - Far out, man...
bullet YouTube - the dino code (The Da Vinci code) - The big secret/cover-up: Jesus rode dinosaurs?!
bullet YouTube - Unused Da Vinci Code Movie Titles - not sure what this is, but it's interesting and worth a look
bullet YouTube - Da Vinci Code Parody Trailer - The Liberace Code - could Liberace still be alive...?!
bulletiCryptex.com - Welcome to the Cult of Apple - Not a video this time, but an Apple Dei Home Page (Apple as in Steve Jobs, Mac, and iPod, not as in the fruit).
bullet CNN.com - Mona Lisa 'speaks' thanks to [Japanese] acoustics expert - be sure to look at "Related Links" to hear Mona Lisa, as well as Leonardo da Vinci "speak" - and don't let the Japanese scare you away.  Naturally enough, these voices are speaking in Italian - not in Japanese or English.
bullet AFI List of Top 100 Quotes From U.S. Films - Yahoo! News
bulletWatch Muppet cranks Statler & Waldorf as they review recent trailers  - Remember these wise-cracking old grouches from the balcony on "The Muppet Show"?  They're back, they're online, they're funnier than ever, and they're reviewing the latest movies.  May be better than Ebert & What'sHisName. 
bullet It's the Muppets
bulletMuppets.com -- the New Official Home of the Muppets! - and while you're there play the Swedish Chef game.  (I love the Swedish Chef - the "Iron Swede."  It's an ethnic thing - he's one of "my people.")
bulletMilkandCookies - Mahna Mahna: Original Video - That spiffy song from "The Muppet Show"  (A sort of Muppet version of Monty Python's Spam Song?  For fans of silly (fun) repetition, especially of the musical variety.
bulletNot Quite a Mop, Not Quite a Puppet... - lots o' links for Muppet fans.  You may find an easier and faster loading "Mahna Mahna" song here, too.
bulletSee also the Statler & Waldorf link immediately above this section.
bulletNiagara Motel - The Game - staple Kevin Pollak.  Yes, staple.  Why?  Why not?
bulletIFILM - Viral Videos: Bill Gates Goes to College - Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite (OMG) as college roommates who go on a mission to save Microsoft from itself.  Yes, it ends with a dance scene.
bulletThe 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library - ALL of the "quick bunny" movie parodies, also with notices of "quick bunny" movies coming up
bulletThe Movie Timeline - a world history timeline based on movies.  Two examples: "1810 Beethoven kidnapped mid-performance (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)" and "1908 Chicago Cubs win the World Series, for the last time for 107 years (Back To The Future Part II)"
bullet YouTube - Snakes on a Plane on CNN - Nothing like a movie craze before anyone has seen the movie.  But, after all, it's about freakin' snakes on a plane, for cryin' out loud.  I believe the movie's coming out in August, with Samuel Jackson.(Yes, copied from Wazzup, do you blame me?)
bulletUniversal Studios: United 93 - Talk about snakes on a plane!  This is another - serious! - version of the same thing.  Replace snakes with Al-Qaeda jihadists (is that a redundancy?) - same difference, no worse!  Anyway, the website for the well-reviewed movie about United Flight 93, the jet that the passengers crashed into the Shanksville, PA field in an effort to keep the terrorist pilots from flying the hijacked plane into the Capitol Building on September 11, 2001.  (even the trailer and other promo material are powerful - it certainly brought back 9/11, with all its thoughts, sights, and feelings!, to me)
bullet An Inconvenient Truth - Google Video - a trailer for "the most terrifying film you will ever see" (you'll recognize the narrator unless you've been living in a cave for the past 15 years)
bulletAn Inconvenient Truth - the film's website
bulletDisney Presents a Pixar film 'Cars' :: The Official Movie Site - saw this movie last weekend and enjoyed it.  This is a great movie site with all kinds of neat goodies for the whole family.
bulletThe Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - the "Earth's Biggest Movie Database" is their claim.
bulletSuperman Returns - the movie's official siteSuperman Returns
bulletHoly Superheroes--Superman, Batman Religion -- Beliefnet.com - the spiritual spin on Superman, et al.  However, just plain enjoying The Caped One is enough in itself (gosh, I sound like Lois Lane). 
bulletPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest -- The Official Website - OMG, all in one Summer: good old Tom Hanks; also Keanu Reeves (Neo!), Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp - and, ta da - Superman!
bulletA Prairie Home Companion | Official Movie Site Movie Trailers & Clips & Robert Altman - yes, repeated in the "Radio" section, please excuse.  This is, after all, a movie.  A pretty good one, actually, IMHO.  Better than I thought.  When I heard that Keillor was going to sing in ten songs in the movie I was less than enthused, not appreciating his occasional radio show efforts to sing out of his vocal range (Keillor's a bass, not a tenor.  To his credit, he does do a wonderful job at part-singing and is a good musician.)  However, all the music was great, Keillor's singing was great, and Kevin Kline was a terrific Guy Noir (a character on the radio show), Maya Rudolph great as the frazzled, harried stage manager, and Meryl Streep and Lilly Tomlin remarkably good as the singing Johnson Sisters ("like the Carters, but not famous", one of the sisters explains).  Writing's good, too - not surprising in that Keillor is a terrific writer.
bulletHollywoodland - I hope this movie is good and well-reviewed, both because of the subject matter, and I'd like to see (hunky) Ben Affleck turn his career around.  I'm looking forward to this movie, as I grew up with this TV version of "Superman" - "It's a bird, it's a plane - no!  it's Superman!  Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall building in a single bound..."  And he stood for (as Superman stood in front of a waving American flag) "Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"  Or, at least, that's how I remember it, consider my quotes paraphrase in case I get them wrong.  I was shocked and saddened by the news of this Superman's reported suicide - it was hard to believe.  BTW, in my informed opinion (I've seen sooo many of the old George Reeves' Superman shows.), Affleck does a pretty good job of sounding like Reeves, in both sound and timing.  While Affleck doesn't look exactly like Reeves, he looks close enough in this movie.
bullet Hollywoodland on Yahoo! Movies - find still more in Yahoo Movies.
bullet http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/borat/tralierg - This is a link to the G-rated "Borat" trailer.  Ver-ry niiiice!  Two thumbs up, high five.  His name a Borat, he VERY funny - but also rather crude, hence the R-rating for the movie.  But, Borat ver-ry funny, two thumbs up, high five.  P.S. Borat reminds me of Groucho Marx, a very good thing.  Two thumbs up, high five!
bullet (see Borat link above: this is what I have to do to get a hyperlink in this blasted FrontPage with my new tabbed IE 7 browser.  Fie on you, Microsoft!!)
bullet"Happy Feet" @ Yahoo Movies  (more "Happy Feet" links) - check out the clips while you're here


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