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Carolyn Hanson Mayer

Graphic Design & Illustration, Writing

May, 2009

For Women Old Enough to Know Better store

About the Store, Plus Related Content

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Welcome to the Groovy Ladies Page!

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See some samples of merchandise from the store in the table below.  Note that you can click on these thumbnail photos to find out more about the items, as well as to purchase them.  This merchandise will rotate in and out of this table from time to time.

Born 2 B Wild! Infant/Toddler T-Shirt

Born 2 B Wild! Bib

Born 2 B Wild! Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt

Rectangle Magnet > Blessed...

Groovy Grandma Sticker (Oval) Phat Granny Messenger Bag
bulletTo see more "Blessed..."
bulletTo see more "Born 2 B Wild!"
bulletTo see more "Groovy Grandma"
bulletTo see more "Phat Granny"

Related Content for Groovy Ladies/Women Old Enough to Know Better...

 It's Your Day Bouquet-Only $29.99

The Blog, also see above.
The Earth, Flowers, Gardening & the like (Nature stuff)  The Earth Day section transformed - the Earth is important more of the time than just April 22!
bulletSee my Earth info and more from the Wazzup Page. 
bulletAn Inconvenient Truth - the site for the film.  (Note the narrator.  Yes, Al Gore.)  Be sure and see the trailer, also take the action steps
bulletStopGlobalWarming.org - action steps here, too
In the 20th Century ("Back in the day...")
bulletFar Out!  Tripping back to the '60s... (Moved here from the Wazzup Page)
bulletThe Flower Power Dance - a whole new "Light My Fire" experience - Jim Morrison would roll over in his grave?  This comes under the category of so bad it's good.  (Lose the drum machine here, please, especially the machine hand claps!)
bulletAsk An Aging Hippy - any question at all, and he'll give you his sage advice
bulletAsk Spock's Brain - remarkably similar to the previous, but much more logical.  (Note that "Star Trek" began in the '60s.)
bulletThe Dancing Fortune Cookie - sort of '60s, note the Beatles' tune.  It has '60s spirit, anyway.
bullet Test Your Boomer Knowledge - The Boomer Files - MSNBC.com
bullet VIEWMASTER PRESENTS DARK SHADOWS, Screen 0 - If you're old enough (but not too old) you'll know what "Dark Shadows" was, also be familiar with the Viewmaster.  To get an idea how old this soap was, and me, for that matter, if I was lucky enough to get home from school early enough, I could catch it.  Lord knows the "Luke and Laura" stuff, circa 1980, on "General Hospital" got really strange at times, but even they couldn't hold a candle to the eerie "Dark Shadows."  My favorite DS character?  Barnabas Collins, the oddly attractive, melancholy vampire.
bullet VIEWMASTER PRESENTS STAR TREK, Screen 0 - from the same site as above.  Vintage Star Trek as shown a vintage medium.
bullet #1 Song on This Date in History (all right, repeated on the Music Medley Page...) - As any Boomer knows, we had terrific music back in our day, this site will give you some specifics as to when what was #1 on the charts.  Goes all the way back into the 19th century! 
bulletSee also "Just for Laughs" right below - The Funky Hippy!
bullet Disney Presents a Pixar film 'Cars' :: The Official Movie Site - Fillmore, the VW Hippy Bus, voice by George Carlin.
Just for Laughs

bulletWeekly WazzupWhile there, be sure to check the Wazzup Page's Table of Contents for music humor as well as other humor and fun.  New stuff every week.
bulletGranny In Paradise Game - Granny, kittens, flowers - and bad guys to get rid of.  Similar to Mario and Pac-Man.  Help Granny take care of the kittens and flowers, along with those bad guys mentioned.
bullet The power of OLD people - Google Video - Old Lady "kicks ass" in her own old way.  Funny.  (Be sure to note the air bag was activated.  Take that, you young whippersnapper!)
bulletWelcome to The Funky Hippy! - (You may recognize some of the content from the Wazzup Page here.)  Music, dancing, cartoon animation, games, silliness - what more could you want?!
bullet Maxine's Home Page @ Hallmark - one of my very favorite (imaginary) groovy ladies.  You can even get a daily Maxine cartoon here, as well as other fun stuff.
bullet "Crabby Road" - month of May - Maxine's daily cartoons for May.
bullet Cat watchings Cats - Yes, a cat's reaction to a goofy video about cats.  (I especially like the part where the cat bowls over the dog.  ;  )
bullet Eatmousies.com - B. Kliban Cats!

Weekly Wazzup - Hot Dog! section - any of you Ladies familiar with the Wienermobile or the Wienerwhistle?

And check out my TV, Radio & Movies Page, unless you don't like Disney, Pixar, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keanu Reeves (Neo!), Tom Hanks - or freakin'...SUPERMAN.  Includes a link for "Hollywoodland", too - the movie about the "old" Superman, the one we grew up with. 

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