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Carolyn Hanson Mayer

Graphic Design & Illustration, Writing

May, 2009

Weekly Wazzup (& More) 

Dateline: Southern California, Friday May 01, 2009

Yahoo! Avatars

The new site has been commenced (the new index page now located only on this machine, that is).  Been working on upgrading blogs, work which is still in progress. 1/1/08 - still in progress (it's a lot of work!!). 

Upgrading blogs is well under way and continues. 

A note/reminder that the long, long-running Bad Music Joke of the Week has finally come to an end.   Yes.  But, the extensive Bad Music Joke of the Week Archive will remain - both here on this site and linked to my new-ish Music Stuff Blog @ http://chm-musicstuff.blogspot.com

About my avatar, and what's "she's up to" (see above): I'm keeping this more up to date on my Groovy Ladies blog @  http://groovyladies.blogspot.com/ 

And, in the Earth section here I've attempted, in a primitive, albeit functional, fashion to link (bleeping Mr. Softee!) to CNN's report on the latest news re global warming. 

Now, on with Wazzup...!

What's new regarding this Page this week, besides the BMJOTW

bulletFind neat new things down below - they'll be marked with a
bulletYes. this Page - and website - is so overdue for an overhaul, or at least a de-cluttering! 
bulletIf this website looks in transition - it is.  It'll still be here, but its form will be changing over the next several months.  A badly-needed update - form as well as content.  Checking my blogs as well is recommended, at least in the meantime:
bulletListing of my blogs further down this Page - with live links
bulletENJOY the good stuff that is on this too-long Page just the same (there are "To TOP" links along the way which will be of some aid).  Lots of good stuff, almost the problem - too much good stuff...!

Hint:  Searching on "Weekly Wazzup" works infinitely better than searching on "Wazzup" to find this place.  Better still, do an "Add Favorite", a bookmark, or a "Create Shortcut", etc. to get back here. 

Table of Contents

bulletBad Music Joke of the Week (BMJOTW)
bullet Neat Stuff
bulletAssorted Neat Stuff, in wild abandon (uncategorized)
bulletI diss Microsoft.  The Disgruntled Microsoft Customer & Stockholder Section
bulletAssorted Neat Stuff, sorted out & tidy (categorized - and somewhat broken right now.  Stay tuned.)
bulletThe Sane Zone (about our Mother Earth, really)
bulletEarth Day - everyday!
bulletNews & Views
bullet  From News & Views
bulletGulf Coast Recovery
bulletEarth section  - formerly the Earth Day section
bullet News & Views from Southern California
bulletGranny Gull's Page
bullet Granny Gull's Page 2
bulletHumor Pages - if you can't find an old funny, look at these Pages, there's also humor here that never made it into Wazzup.
bulletHumor Page 1
bulletHumor Page 2
bulletHumor Page 3
bulletHumor Page 4 - featuring Animals, as well as Food
bulletMusic Pages
bulletMusic Humor Page - Home of the BMJOTW and old Dancing stuff, etc.
bulletMusic Humor Archive Page
bulletMusic Medley Page - music info, links & misc.
bullet The Groovy Ladies Page's "Related Content"
bulletTV, Radio & Movies Page - G-rated "Borat" trailer & "Happy Feet" clips
bulletArchive Pages:
bullet"Election 2004" Archive
bullet"Election 2004" Archive, Part 2 & old "News & Views" & Old Star Wars stuff (?! yes)
bullet"California, Busted?" Archive

Bad Music Jokes of the Week

Neat Stuff:

This is my Web sandbox.  Please join me, grab a plastic pail and shovel, have fun, enjoy. Contributions are very welcome, I like a good laugh, anyway - E-Mail me.

bulletA few of my favorite cartoons, including editorial cartoons:
bulletFor Better or For Worse  
bulletNon Sequitur
bulletDoonesbury  <----
bulletPat Oliphant  <----
bulletDaryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index! <----
bullet The New Yorker magazine cartoons <----
bullet :: The History Channel :: Past Master - very neat for history buffs.  Reminds me of "Trivial Pursuit."  Single Player or Head-to-Head Games
bulletSee the News & Views Page
bulletSee Still More Humor & the other Humor Pages (see TOC above)
bulletVisit Granny Gull's games
bulletJimboGames.com ! Old Atari-type Games - Play Online - Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, etc. (thanks, Sara)
bulletTraffic Control - Flash Game - Haven't you always wanted to play Traffic God and control the stoplights?
bulletUproar Game Shows - online game shows. - Play many old-time TV favorites: Family Feud, The Match Game, Password, To Tell the Truth
bulletMiniclip.com - Free Games and Shows - Games - The People's Voice Webby Winner (many Miniclip games have been on this Page)
bullet:::: fly swatter :::: - so you wouldn't hurt a fly, eh?
bulletSudoku Online - frankly, I'm a Sudoku freak.  This is what I do in front of the TV at night with the day's L.A. Times.
bullet The World's Largest Sudoku Puzzle - carved into a hillside in the UK
bulletGuess what?  Okay, no surprise: Cuckoo 4 Sudoku! : CHM Design Store : CafePress.com -  Sudoku merchandise now available.
bulletSudoku Fun - Online Sudoku Puzzle Speed Challenge
bullet The Sudoku Challenge Game - Download and Play the Free Version!
bulletSudoku - Miniclip.com
bulletSudoku Craving
bulletWelcome to PuzzlersParadise! - thinking can be fun (See also Sudoku above.)
bulletDon't Panic!  Press the Button - a present-day version of text-interactive gaming.  Yes, this is about "The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy."
bulletOrisinal.com - Cats - a lovely and unusual game with cats.  Cat lovers will especially appreciate.
bullet MyPyramid Blast Off - a space game that's good for you.  For kids, but this big old kid appreciated it and learned more about how to improve her diet and exercise just the same.  From the USDA, the folks that brought us the Food Pyramid.
bulletBraingle: Brain Teasers, Puzzles, Riddles and Games
bulletBlack Knight - Miniclip.com - Good for when you feel like clobbering stuff, grrr.
bulletBloomin' Gardens - Miniclip.com - Beware: Addictive
bulletPlayRPS.com - The Rock Paper Scissors Game - I played it as Neo from "The Matrix", and whopped my governor Arnold, as "The Terminator."  Several other celebrities are available.
bulletSteveMartin.com | Fun and Games - Yes, that's right, a Steve Martin game.
bulletNational Geographic Feature Film: March of the Penguins - the site - and, of course, the game.
bulletTomatoes Attack - stop them, please stop them!
bulletRubik's Cube fans (yes, you Gen Xers and Boomers are out there, admit it) - check out this.
bulletThe Little Yellow Porous Square Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea, otherwise known as SpongeBob SquarePants -  some of his games
bullet Bubble Burst
bulletSpongeBob Collapse (better than the "grown-up" Collapse by far)
bulletCare2.com ecard: "Memory Flowers" - Play as a game.  Remember the game "Concentration"?  Match the flowers.  It's harder than you might think (but not too hard). 
bulletBaskin-Robbins: Office Invaders - why the ice cream people have this spiffy office-oriented game I'm not sure, but enjoy just the same.
bulletNBC.com > Games > Average Joe Dodge Ball - I've never been a watcher of this show, but I sure do remember Dodge Ball - maybe you do, too?
bulletDisney Presents a Pixar film 'Cars' :: The Official Movie Site - with games
bulletFalling Sand Game - hosted by Chirag Mehta @ chir.ag - Either sit there and look at it (why?), or take your mouse and start drawing some lines across your screen.  You might want to experiment with the options at the bottom of the game - water, plant, ???, fire, etc.
bullet Kewlbox: Games: Sunbathing 101 - Sounds kinky, but it's not.  Actually, it's more like flipping burgers on a grill.  Flip the girls on their swim rafts before they get burnt.  Slow their tan or speed it up with sun block or tanning oil.
bulletLEGO.com - LEGO Games - yes, an assortment of games involving Lego.
bullet Amazing Stop Motion Video - www.2BlogGadgets.com - Google Video - Okay, about a guy who really loves videogames.  Neat stop-action video - I love how the guy gets from one place to another.  Features an Atari 2600 (had one once) and a TV so old even I don't remember the likes of it.  Note the soundtrack.
bulletSesame Workshop - Sesame Street: Tickle Elmo - since Elmo and tickling him is in the news again these days...  This Elmo here is a nag, BTW.  You can keep him busy with his book, also crayons.  If you're lucky enough, he'll fall asleep (he snores, BTW.)
bulletSesame Street® T.M.X. or Fisher-Price Toys - Sesame Street Toys for T.M.X. Elmo.  I thought it should be ROFLMAO Elmo, because that's exactly what Elmo does here.  My college-age son explained: T.M.X. Elmo = "Tickle Me EXtreme" Elmo.  Oh.  Now, would my daughter ever forgive me if I were to buy this, er, instrument of parental torture, for her tiny tots...?  Also, don't really know if this is $40 worth of fun, or not...?
bulletThe Game | Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online - coming in 2007, actually.  For those who just can't get enough of Captain Jack and, er, Orlando Bloom.
bulletYahoo Buzz - Nintendo Wii
bulletDo you Wii yet?
bulletIn fact, Yahoo Games - long a favorite of mine.


Assorted Neat Stuff, in wild abandon, (uncategorized)...

bulletDead Celebrity Soulmate Search
bullet Larger Than Life
bulletWorld's Largest Cities [rank: 1-1000] - it may surprise you.  BTW, no, NYC is not even in the top 10.
bullet Largest Cities Through History - And about half of the top ten were in Iraq (of all places...)
bulletNetdisaster - a clever and original Internet toy.  I couldn't get it to work on my own personal sites - for some reason, possibly a guardian angel - but it worked great at "damaging" Yahoo: Dinosaurs overrun Yahoo (tragedy) and "flooding" and "nuking" AOL: AOL submerged in water and fish  & Nuking AOL (hurray!!)  Tip: Use a small-sized window for this.  Note that you have a wide variety of disasters to choose from - see the pull-down menu on the taskbar.
bulletBoohbah Zone - How to explain?  This can only be experienced.
bulletOEDILF - The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form
bullet TYPEDRAWiNG | created by storyabout.net - nifty little drawing with type online app
bulletMy lame attempt at "type drawing"
bulletThreadbared - funny women make fun of old sewing pattern covers.  (So much more amusing and witty than it sounds.)
bulletDimes Must Die - They are evil beings who eat babies, kittens, and bunnies, and are all kinds of other bad as well.  So says this guy.
bulletSpelling doesn`t matter - Well, it really does.  But, check this out.
bulletMoney Origami - Pretty much what it says.  Have money make things, for a change.  Learn how.
bullet Fold Your Own Bazooka® Gum Wrapper Origami Shirt & Pants - use Bazooka wrappers or dollar bills.  As you might imagine, the Bazooka wrappers are make much more colorful "clothing."
bullet What happens to people who do too much origami. - Love ya, dude.  Actually I remember wearing similar chapeaus while making these self-same hats/boats out of newspaper for my children.  We didn't call it origami back then, just hats or boats made out of newspaper.  Also, note: fun for kids for free
bulletJibJab.com - Face Off - something unusual, yet fun, from the dear JibJab Bros.
bulletMuglets - Customised online e-cards and phone pics - looking silly and dancing!  View random muglets or make one yourself from your own mug (face photo).
bulletVital Statistics - for trivia freaks
bulletFindCliches.com - Cliches, Cliches, Cliches
bulletEnglish as she is spoke: Introduction - This English strangeness reminds me of "All Your Bases Are Belong to Us"
bullet Arrange a Room - This is what you might call a grown-up woman's toy.  From Better Homes & Gardens.  Addictive.
bulletThe Archive of Golden Age Romance Comics - Graphic Art and Romance from the '50s!
bullettiddles.co.uk - tim's badly drawn cat web site - But, I think many of these cats are well-drawn!  The Brit who runs this site is amusing.  I love the spills, cup rings, and scribbles messing up the place.
bullet125th Anniversary Issue: Science Online Special Feature - About the top 125 science questions.  Some examples:  What is the universe made of?  What is the biological basis of consciousness?
bulletIntroduction to Supermasterpiece - pretty much a daily-updating collection of original comedy
bulletArt of Science Competition / Gallery - After all, isn't nature often beautiful?  From Princeton, no less.
bullet//// COLOURlovers :: loving colours since 1981 - yes, about color
bulletiSerenity - Yawn, this site nearly put me to sleep.  Great site, though - soothing "environments" of sound and sight.  Some of the choices would not be mine, ie. clothes dryer, hair dryer, but whatever rings one's bell.  Be sure to check out the rain and the thunderstorm, the train, the ocean, the airplane...  For cat lovers, catch "Purring Performance."  This site is making me far too mellow...ZZZZzzzzz....zzzzzz...  Time to refill the coffee!


bullethttp://www.animusic.com/video/Animusic-Sampler.wmv - Check out animusic!
bulletWatch Me Change - change into a new outfit, as well as a new you (if you wish, or just be yourself) in a virtual Gap [store] fitting room.  At the end do a little dance, ending with a strip-tease down to your undies (no, no - not porn), then parade out of the dressing room in your new Gap outfit.  (I've already tried being me, maybe I'll try being a hunky young man...?
bulletFedexFurniture.Com - "It's okay to be ghetto!"  How-to and pictures for making your own furniture out of Federal Express boxes.
bulletUrban Dictionary: Define Your World - slang defs
bulletBabies in Costumes - fun to look at these cute little ones (from the former Halloween section)
bulletWay Out Auctions - further oddness on eBay. And, see just below.
bulleteGad - Your Personal Fleecing Community - this is a rerun, but that's okay.  Also, see just above.
bulletUncyclopedia - Wikipedia parody - Wikipedia's evil twin?
bulletdresskevin.com - I didn't know what to wear, so I made a website. - yes, help this young man figure what to where, help pick out his clothes for him
bulletThe Library of Congress - yes, the Library of Congress.  Hey, I like history, politics, and libraries.  Lots of goodies here - learn, enjoy.  Find humor, film, and music here among the collections.
bulletSubservient Donald - in the vein of last year's Subservient Chicken.  Tell The Donald (Trump, of course) what to do and he will do it, all the while telling you all about the products he's been using.  Trump run amok and product placement run amok.  I told Donald to hit himself in the head, dance, and fix his hair.  He did all three, naming several products as he did so (He blamed his strange hair on his choice of shampoo).
bulletStarbucks Hank - Bring on The Day! - isn't this what happens to you after your first cup of coffee?  It should! (New, fresh link - the old one had disappeared.)
bullet I Challenge Numa Numa.wmv - this time it's Indian (East)-style.  Starts out slow, hang in there.  Good, but not quite the original Numa Numa Guy.  Needs more hands and arms.  The frenetic singing and the eye rolling is good, though.
bulletPillsbury Dancin' Doughboy - this Dough has some moves!  Do his choreography and pick out his music. 
bulletVery cool illusion - an optical illusion to enjoy.  (Must relate to complementary colors.) 
bulletThe Simpsomaker - create your own "Simpsons" character
bullet The Simpsons Live Action Titles - Google Video
bullet CBS | Late Show with David Letterman : DTV Player - Rubik's Cube Winner - as the above, almost a candidate for the "Games" section, but...  Faked for a joke?  Or real?  Did this Rubik's Cube World-Record Champion really mess up here - or not? (requires Real Player) Update, 2/1/06: It was a joke!
bulletGeek Love Machine - from a delightfully retro computer (hmm, wouldn't a genuine geek have the latest and greatest??)
bulletzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz - keep this guy awake, or get fired.  Watch out, don't push him too hard.
bulletMonty Python's Personal Best and Flying Circus | PBS - if it weren't for these guys there'd be no such thing as spam mail.  Or rather they'd have to call it something other than "spam."  Always good to see these guys again.  Check out this site for Python extras and for viewing times for this new 6-part series.
bulletMore Python: Monty Python's Silly Walks Generator - Remember the Ministry for Silly Walks?  This Generator is interesting - requires a bit more time and effort than I am willing to expend on a working day, but the item's well worth a look-see for a Python fan (or a silly walk fan).
bulletYouTube - South Park: Tribute to Monty Python - With the Pythons, too (except for John Cleese)
bulletCowabduction.com - alien cow abduction!  No, it's not alien cows abducting us Earthlings, but space aliens abducting our Earth cows.  Be sure and watch the video included.  Fun to click on the cow in the top banner, too (have your speaker on).  (I'm such a kid...)
bulletThe History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less - Clever.  (thanks, son Mike)
bulletFunny EDS Commercial - Cat Herding - Google Video - tough-guy cowboys talk about what it's like to be a cat herder ("...anybody can herd cattle...")
bullet Animal Tracks - enjoyable animal photos
bulletGallery of Overloaded Vehicles - oh, my goodness...  Look and be amazed.
bullet The Earl Hickey Random Quotes Generator - My favorite red-necks.  You can also find Earl's brother and his ex-wife here.  It's karma.
bulletMONPA - Museum of Non Primate Art, includes Cat Art, Bird Art, Cat Dancing, and so much more.  Don't know quite what to think of it, how about you?  Any way you look at it, it's of interest if you like cats, art, dancing, or birds, and who doesn't? 


bullet Chinese Lucky Dancing Lion - much like the Chinese dragon seen in Chinese New Year parades and celebrations.  Make the Chinese lion dance, grab money, and spread lettuce about.  (Certainly something different from other Web fun we've seen.)
bulletElfric - similar to the standard "make him dance" toy, but different and a bit more advanced.  Try making this elf "run", "na nah", "panic" (my favorite - sick me), "walk", and so on.  From the same people who brought you the Chinese lion above.
bulletMake Me Watch TV - Force me to watch any television show - similar to Dress Kevin, except you choose the guy's TV-watching.
bulletYouTube - Incredible Machine 01 - (Watch out - I've discovered Google Video and YouTube...) I remember my son loving the computer game "The Incredible Machine."  I've also long been a fan of Rube Goldberg.
bulletHL2 Rube Goldberg Device: Reloaded - Google Video - yet another version; clever and well-done - not quite as peaceful (HL2 = Half-Life 2 - the game)
bulletRube Goldberg Official Website
bulletBTW, do you know that the annual top cartoonist award is called "The Reuben" - from the National Cartoonists Society site.
bulletSnickersnee.com - for the heck of it
bulletMooTube - somehow appropriate that MooTube follows YouTube...  Just a coincidence.  From snakes on a plane! (see just above) to cows in a field (not nearly as scary).  Cow webcams - from PBS and their current series about folks living on a pretend 19th-century ranch - the next installment in a sort of PBS time travel, following Prairie House, and Puritan House (those might not be the actual titles, but does describe the content).
bulletCat watchings Cats - Watch a funny cute video of a cat watching funny cute videos of cats (how recursive!)
bulletEatmousies.com - Home of B. Kliban Cats - I was happy to discover this site being a long-time fan of Kliban cats, even unto having a Kliban cat for a pillow.  Kliban cats?  Um, mix "Far Side" with "Garfield"?  Love the black tiger in the red sneakers.
bulletWikiquote - Wikipedia is cool - this "member of the Wiki family" is cool as well.  Quotes from the usual sources and the unusual sources (videogames, TV shows, movies...), also proverbs and mnemonics
bulletThe Official Bob and Ray Website - a great comedy team.  Note that Bob Elliot is the father of today's funny TV and movie star Chris Elliot.
bulletThe Easter Egg Archive: Hidden secrets in software, movies, music and more! - the "Easter Eggs" are back - no, this is not really the bona fide Easter chicken egg kind, but the hidden surprises and treats kind, see underlined.
bulletDiet Coke & Mentos, um, Art? - what happens when you mix Diet Coke & Mentos, artfully. (Neat music, too.)
bullet YouTube - Star Trek Coffee House - Shades of Starbuck's, right down to the wireless laptop, cardboard coffee cup holders, and "floor is wet" sign.  See more of these Star Trek animated action figures on the TV, Radio & Movies Page.
bullet Google Earth's Shakespeare play locations  (click the Placemark icon) and Explore Shakespeare with Google - access to all the complete plays of Shakespeare.  Way to go Google, thumbs up.
bulletApple - Get a Mac - Watch The TV Ads - Mac Guy & PC Guy - okay, yes, these are TV commercials.  They are, however, IMO, entertaining TV commercials.  OIOW, I like them - hope you do too.
bulletThe Cute Project - Collecting the World's Cuteness! - Thought I had this somewhere already, but apparently not.  Enjoy almost more cuteness than anyone can stand.  But, why no babies (of the human sort, that is)?!
bulletwww.tomatoesareevil.com - kinda says it all.  All kinds of good anti-tomato goodies.  (However, I like tomatoes - and they're good for you!  Now, to figure out which of my daughters hates tomatoes so I can tell her about this site, which is a little awkward, since this is something a mother is supposed to know, hmmm.)
bulletRelated: Tomatoes Attack game
bulletWelcome to BalloonHat.com - guys who do balloon hats, and what they do about it
bulletbloggaru - from and by a commenter (is there really such a word?) on my Music Stuff Blog (chm-musicstuff.blogspot.com).  This bloggaru blog is pretty nifty - an ambitious project containing reviews and links to a wide assortment of blogs.  It's something of a blog directory, with the blog assortment large and growing fast.
bullet LEGO Star Wars - Star Wars & Legos.
bulletLEGO.com: The Official Web Site of LEGO
bulletYouTube - Bill Nye on NUMB3RS - I like Bill Nye (Science Guy), and I like the show "NUMB3RS" - a two-fer.  (You might want to turn up your speakers for this one - it's volume is really too low.)
bullet YouTube - The Journey is the Destination II: Chicago - hey, almost anything re Chicago is cool.  Love trains too.  Sears Tower and Union Station here.
bullet YouTube - The Journey is the Destination II: Kansas City to Chicago - more
bullet YouTube - The Journey is the Destination IV: Part 6 - Heading Home - Chicago to K. C. - More Sears Tower, more Union Station, more Midwest - and an "L"!
bulletFlash » Magic Hate Ball
bullet Michael Paulus :: Skeletal Systems - of famous cartoon characters, that is.  (Probably more than you ever wanted to know about anatomy, but strangely interesting just the same.)
bullet BBspot - Top 11 Google Products We'll Never See - (what a place for me to put a Google ad!  ;  )  If/When I get to it...) - A couple of my favorites: "Google Smite - An extension of Google Earth uses laser beams attached to the satellites to exact revenge or just have some fun for paid subscribers."  [italics mine]  Now maybe here's a way to take care of Bin Laden, perhaps all of Al Qaeda...?  And, "Gogoel - Search, for dyslexics."
bulletWhile visiting a humor site, I found one of their ads as fascinating as the site's content: Duct Tape fashions, duct tape wallets, duct tape clothing, duct tape purses, duck tape everything!  Yep, their title says it all, well, except for the duct tape flowers!  (Those babies will last forever...)
bulletPoor (Ex-)Planet Pluto...
bulletNot sure where to put Pluto humor...Pluto Election Stolen! - Do not miss the photo of "Pluto - just a fat asteroid"
bullet Pluto can still be in our gang: Seven Dwarfs - Yahoo! News (AFP)
bullet Planetary [Pluto] Debate on Yahoo! News Photos - example on a bumpersticker: "Honk if Pluto is still a planet."
bulletYouTube - The Simpsons vs Star Trek - a YouTube broadcast of a performance of a curious blend of the themes of "Star Trek" and "The Simpsons"  Theremin and all!  (Interesting use of funnel...)
bullet YouTube - Star Trek Meets Monty Python - think Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk, et al. and the Pythons' movie about the Holy Grail.  With music and dancing.
bullet How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger [Or a Webmaster??] - WikiHow - to blog or not to blog
bulletFWIW, my blogs:
bulletwazzup-california.blogspot.com (newsy, kinda bitchy, "News & Views" in blog form, but with little [intentional] humor, very, but not entirely, California-y)
wazzup-chm.blogspot.com (all business - mine, mostly store-related: CHM Biz News Blog)
chm-musicstuff.blogspot.com (music stuff, also store-related - Music Stuff Blog)
groovyladies.blogspot.com (for the ladies of a certain age - Boomer Broads, basically - also store-related; For Women Old Enough to Know Better, a.k.a. Groovy Ladies)
bulleta Yahoo 360 blog - http://360.yahoo.com/chmbiz As of 11/06, I'm starting to use it a bit more.
bulletAnd, of course (rolling my eyes), myspace.com/chmayer - my fellow CafePress shopkeepers talked me into the value of a MySpace presence.  On the rare occasions when I'm there I mostly critique (more like criticize, OIOW, "diss") MySpace. 
bulletFrom likely the second most expensive stock on Wall Street ($409+ per share?! what the...?!), our dear friends at Google:  Google Trends - what's trending toward hip and happenin', apparently.  Mostly likely, what people are Googling the most right now
bulletComedy Central: Videos - Watch funny exclusive videos and show clips on MotherLoad - be sure to catch "The Daily Show" and the "Colbert Report"
bulletThe Mechanical Contrivium: Trivia about You - the trivia generated can be about You, or about anyone you wish.
bullet YouTube - I found this via the Wall St. Journal, of all places.  Here are the YouTube co-founders on their acquisition by Google (looking remarkably like a couple of giddy, giggly teenagers.  Well, maybe if I were them with my new $1.65 billion, maybe I might be a little slap-happy too?)  The King of Search + the King of Video.
bullet White & Nerdy - Google Video - Weird Al does it yet again.  Remember Weird Al really did wear glasses?  Where's his accordion?!
bulletDo I Creep You Out by Weird Al Yankovic – Funny Video Animation by JibJab - Weird Al and JibJab - it doesn't get much better than this.
bullet The Disgruntled Microsoft Customer & Stockholder Section
bullet BBspot - Microsoft's AntiSpyware Tool Removes Internet Explorer - (OMG - this hyperlink insert actually worked!)
bullet BBspot - Microsoft Granted Patent for Creating Insecure Software - this link would insert, the one just below wouldn't
bullet http://www.bbspot.com/News/2004/06/microsoft_iraq.html - Microsoft makes offer for Iraq
bullet http://www.twoguys.org/~gregh/ms/ms-china.html - since we're on the subject of acquiring countries...  "Microsoft China"
bullet Microsoft All-Purpose Document Template - don't know how I got this in here...?
bulletFirefox ad - Best of Google Video - Browser battle.  Explorer gets what it deserves!  Be sure not to miss the Firefox.  (New here, cut from elsewhere on this gigantic Page.)
bullethttp://humor.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http://www.urban75.com/Punch/gates.html - Punch Bill Gates.  (Okay, now I feel better.  Until my next bout with FrontPage, that is.)
bullet Take that, Mr. Softee!  Introducing the iPhone ("It's everything.")

Bill Gates crashes even Jon Stewart (!)(Note how hard it is to get this video to work here in MS FrontPage.  My second attempt involves pretending this Page is on *MySpace*, rolling my eyes heavenward... If worse comes to worse, the URL - http://www.comedycentral.com/motherload/index.jhtml?ml_video=81520

 (whatever it takes) BTW, I think Stewart's gesture here says it all.

bullethttp://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/video-bill-gates-vs-steve-jobs#more-7671 - the Gates-Jobs video(es) discussed at the Top (as you can tell from the URL - BTW, could that URL possibly be nerdier?).
bullet  Captain Jack Sparrow's Cooking Show, Parts 1 & 2


Assorted Neat Stuff, sorted and tidy (Categorized)

Plain Broken right now - that's how sorted and tidy (Categorized) it is! So far the Sane Zone is still sane, however. (crossing my fingers)

My old FrontPage just cannot handle some of the new code (the video code just above, likely?) around these days.  Sounds like time is ripe for some new software (or just use HTML??) and a website overhaul...

Nevertheless, this section will be back before long - in some form.

Bummer!  Hate it when this kind of stuff happens...


bulletThe Sane Zone (Really.)
bulletEarth View- definitely cool - what the Earth looks like right now from Space
bulletCities Collection - Astronaut Photography of Cities Taken During Spaceflight
bulletNASA's Visible Earth
bulletNOAA Ocean Explorer - part of NOAA - the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - a government agency perhaps as interesting as NASA
bulletAtlas - Xpeditions @ nationalgeographic.com - printable maps
bullet::: Space Imaging - more interesting pictures from Space
bulletMount St. Helens VolcanoCam - ya never know...
bulletThe Cloud Appreciation Society - I do like clouds.  Ironic for a SoCal resident, eh?
bullet Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada - Index Map
bulletReport an earthquake: California home
bullet MODIFIED MERCALLI INTENSITY SCALE - indications measuring the intensity of a quake
bulletReal-Time Forecast of Earthquake Hazard in the Next 24 Hours
bulletspacesounds - home - Best Music/Sound Webby Award Winner.  Space sounds, dinosaur sounds, storm sounds, whale sounds...  A very well done site.
bulletFrom a news report by NBC4-TV Los Angeles.  Wildlife and Wi-Fi.  How we can observe wildlife in action so much better these days.
bulletView the live camera shots of birds and their nests
bulletGoogle Earth - This is a must-see, must-have (it's free).  "Fly a magic carpet" all around the world. 
bulletSee the Huntington Beach Pier in the California section
bulletInteresting Google Map Locations - a curious listing of Google Earth photos.  (Nice to have someone else do the Google Earth "work.")
bullet A9.com Maps - I suspect this is Amazon.com's answer to Google Earth.  View photos of blocks at street level as if you were walking down the block.  This is cool, very cool. 
bullet Blockview - State & Madison, Chicago - just one example.  Note the Frank Gehry work in the new Millennium Park
bullet Clark & Addison, Chicago - Wrigley Field - look for the old red Cubs sign.
bullet Map24 - very cool, a sort of What if Google Earth and MapQuest Mated.  International version also.
bulletMoon Phase - Click to find out today's phase of the moon.
bulletGoogle Moon - Lunar Landing Sites - Google celebrates the Apollo 11 Moon Landing!  Be sure and zoom ALL the way in, you may be surprised at what you see.
bulletHubble Heritage Gallery of Images - a wonderful gallery of Hubble Telescope photos.  For space and astronomy fans.
bulletApollo 11 Mission First man on the Moon - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin - Full Screen QTVR photo from panoramas.dk
bulletGoogle having fun with Mars today - note the Martians kicking back on Mars and the telescope, all part of the Google logo
bulletGoogle Mars - this is what you get when you click on the little Martians
bullet Flight Into Mariner Valley - Google Video - cool, you "fly" through a giant Martian valley in a similar manner to how Google Earth will "fly you around."  Narrated.
bulletEarth As Art - from USGS and NASA, satellite photos of our planet
bulletYour Sky - "The sky map shows the entire sky as viewed from a given location at a specified time and date."  If you like to look up at stars at all, you'll like this.
bulletNOVA | Archive | Earth | PBS - I just love NOVA - here's its online Earth content
bulletNOVA | PBS - NOVA's Home Page - for all kinds of fascinating science features.  And, be sure to check out NOVA's archived programs which you can watch online.
bullet YouTube - Powers Of Ten - a great classic which has aged well.  "A film about the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero." to quote the opening screen of the film.  This is a journey (reminds me of Google Earth) from a guy having a picnic on Earth (Grant Park in Chicago, to be specific!) to the most distant visible reaches of the universe, and then back again and into the Picnic Guy and into and into him until we can see no further.
bulletEarth Day - everyday!
bulletEarthday Network Homepage - the site of the folks who founded the very first Earthday.
bullet What You Can Do - Yes, you.  Right now, this very minute.  Changes you can make to your home, to your lifestyle, etc. - many of them quick and easy - to help our planet, which, after all, is the same thing as helping ourselves, isn't it?
bullet Earth Day Footprint Quiz - how many acres of Earth does it take to support you?  My score was 11 acres - and if everyone lived like me, 2.4 Earths would be required.  The good news is that the average American uses 24 acres - so as Americans go (especially here in OC, CA!), I'm doing not bad.  But, obviously, not even close to good enough.  The average "Earthling" is supported by 4.5 acres.  I tried the quiz in a couple of the lands of my ancestors - the U.K. and Sweden.  Got better scores in both places - and I scored much better than the average U.K. resident (!).
bulletEarth Day - US Government Portal
bullet StopGlobalWarming.org: The Blue Man Group - The Blue Man Group's take on global warming.  (bravo, well done)
bullet StopGlobalWarming.org: Will Ferrell as GWB - Will Ferrell/Bush on global warming
bullet StopGlobalWarming.org: Robert F. Kennedy Interviews Big Oil Attorney (Martin Short)
bullet Comedy Central : Video  - Stephen Colbert on Global Warming - a little satire on a serious subject
bulletIt's too late to stop global warming, now it's what to do next?  What's our best response?  See CNN's comprehensive report on the latest global warming news - http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/science/02/01/climate.talks.ap/index.html

Missing your favorites from Wazzup?  From time to time I clean up around here, throw some stuff out, and toss the rest in the Humor Pages.  Old entries from "California, Busted?" are put in the Wazzup Archive.  Some dancing items wind up eventually on the Music Humor Page, as well as other musical humor.  Also check out the TOC - Table of Contents up top.


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