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May, 2009

Weekly Wazzup (& More)Election 2004 & "News & Views" Archive, Part 2

In memory of those who have given their all for our country:

Iraq Troops Casualty Listing


Election Year 2004

Dateline: California, Friday May 01, 2009 

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Democratic Party OneMinuteSpeechMaker - poking fun at the Democrats


Cost of War - NOT funny, but thought-provoking


COMEDY CENTRAL - "The Daily Show" - Video: George W. Bush "Because I say so."  Don't the President's words seem to defy reality at times?

bullet Bush vs. Jesus  - Clever. The sort of TV commercial Bush might run if his campaign opponent were Jesus.  (For instance, "Jesus - wrong on social services, wrong on crime, wrong on defense, wrong for America.")
bulletGod vs. Bush - (First it's the Son, now it's the Father.)  See the map showing which Florida counties the recent hurricanes carefully avoided.

Wartime President Song - Read the lyrics and listen to the audio.

bulletGeorge W. Bush's Resume - Okay, some of this is a bit over the top, but the vast majority of it I recognize as factual.  Note the source attribution at the end - the name should sound familiar.
bullet Unconfirmedsources.com - Some good election satire
bulletPresident Bush @ the UN?
bullet Bush vs. Rather
bullet The O'Stewart Factor - Jon Stewart & Bill O'Reilly, together
bullet Billionaires For Bush Or Kerry
bulletPoll - Who's responsible for all that's wrong with the world?
bulletThe Bush Administration Shoot Yourself in the Foot Diplomacy Game
bulletCurious George W Bush
bulletDress'm up, Dubya - make your own George W. Bush
bulletIraqi most wanted Solitaire
bullet00FUN.com | The Bush Boogie
bulletHumor Gazette: John Breneman's satire and fake news
bulletDubya Dance
bulletDunk Bush @ JibJab.com - Vintage JibJab (the folks that brought us the famous "This Land" parody).  This interactive e-card game is from the 2000 Election.  Dunk Bush then, dunk Bush now - no difference, right?
bulletSort-of-ocracy - Iraq's sort-of democracy.
bullet Yahoo! News - Top Stories Photos - Reuters - Whoa - the President is about to take on a terrorist himself!  Or, have fun making up your own captions.
bulletThe Bushisms Quiz - Funny Bush Quotes Quiz - Which Bushism belongs to which Bush - George H. W. (41) or George W. (43)?
bulletCheerleaders for Truth - Remember, Bush was a cheerleader in college.
bullet MSN Video - Zell Miller vs. Chris Matthews.  See the interview.
bullet Shrapnel inside Kerry's body responds to veterans flap
bulletThe War Medals of George W. Bush
bullet Pigeonhawks
bullet Flight of the Chickenhawks
bullet Dr. Dumblove - and to complete our cycle of Bush administration flying things...
bullet Fahrenheit 2004 - Making fun of both Michael Moore and George Dubya.  Similar to the "This Land" parody.  Warning:  Mild Bathroom and Monica Humor.
bullet G. W. Bush - "We are turning the corner..." - a clever cartoon
bullet The Art of War - another clever cartoon from the same folks that brought you the above
bulletHEROBUILDERS - Political talking action figure dolls. Bush to Osama.- A definitely curious site.  I'm not sure if having a Jesus talking action figure is a good thing, or a somewhat bad thing??  You can get the silent Jesus, or the Jesus expounding The 10 Commandments.  (With Jesus' MP3  available at site.)
bullett r u t h o u t - Mary Jacoby | The Dunce - Dead serious.  Bush's old Harvard prof speaks up.
bulletFuzzy Math - Dubya Tells The Truth - music and dance, too
bulletGeorge Says...  - make your own Bush photo caption
bulletFrom http://www.thesmokinggun.com - a little home video featuring George W. Bush himself.
bulletThe Bush Background Generator! 
bulletThe Outsourcing Synonym Creator
bulletExcerpts From Merriam-Webster's Newly Released Bush Dictionary
bullet The 10 Dumbest Quotes of Campaign 2004 - and, while you're at it, vote for the dumbest
bullet Bushisms - Top 10 Stupid Bush Quotes
bullet(Didn't Know I Was) UnAmerican - an anti-war, pro-American song and movie
bullet Morph Bush and Kerry - 2004 Election Game - a variation of the above, this one includes Cheney and Edwards as well
bulletHip-Hop Debate - Miniclip.com - Yet more of Kerry and Bush dancing
bulletMadBlast - Political Rhapsody - Remember "Bohemian Rhapsody"?  This is the Election 2004 version.  If you like "This Land" and its ilk (as I do), you'll like this.
bullet"This Land" - a duet by John Kerry and George W. Bush, joined by many famous guests - Too good to miss!  A must-see and hear for both Kerry and Bush supporters.
bullet "Good to be in DC!" - JibJab's follow-up to their great "This Land" video sing-a-long 
bullet Canada 2.0 - New Canada Map - Being in red Orange County, CA, I'm not quite sure from this map whether I'm now located in the new Baja Canada, or in the new United State of Texas.  (If necessary, I'll immigrate to Los Angeles County.)  Gee, I miss the good ol' U. S. of A.
bullet Red vs. Blue Global Election Results - Taking the red and blue state concept a step further - applying it to the entire world.
bulletMarryAnAmerican - No good American will be left behind! - Our good neighbors to the North make a very friendly offer.
bulletChortler - So You Want To Move To Canada, Eh? Some Things You Should Know - Something which will give down Dems, those Blues with the blues, second thoughts...
bullet Slave Sates vs. Free States vs. 2004 Election Results - How little things have changed over the centuries regarding regional differences.  The good news these days:  No more slaves.
bulletDeclaration of Expulsion: A Modest Proposal It's Time to Reconfigure the United States by Mike Thompson - Two countries: Bush USA and Gore/Kerry USA?
bullet California's Letter of Secession - Political Joke
bullet The Onion | National Museum Of The Middle Class Opens In Schaumburg, IL - (Ahh, good ol' Schaumburg.  I grew up around here in this Beaver-Cleaver Land.  The perfect location for such a museum.)  Check out this museum of the vanishing species The American Middle-Class.
bullet How Can 59 Million People Be So Dumb? - Funny Bush Picture - When I first saw this newspaper front page I thought it was a joke.  Then I found out it's real.  (Hey, don't look at me - I didn't vote for him!)
bulletChortler - Why I Voted Republican - several voters share their thoughts
bulletACT video - Will Ferrell as Bush @ the Western White House - Now this is very funny.  Ferrell is very good here.
bullet CNN.com - Bush Arrested in Canada for War Crimes - A curiosity.  A fake CNN Web Page.
bulletDan Ratherisms - Election Night Dan Rather Quotes - As a fond farewell.  The entire collection includes Ratherisms from the past three national elections.
bulletGilligan's Seven Deadly Sins - On the subject of "moral values"...  Yes, that Gilligan.
bulletBetty Bowers -- America's Best Christian and Most Saved Baptist
bulletdubyamovie.com - A biopic of Dubya, starring, yes, Don Knotts as George W. Bush.  A must-see for Knotts fans, and very funny. 
bullet"Dishonest Dubya" Lying Action Figure Doll
bulletThe George W Bush Singers
bulletThe Madness of King George - I hope this website covers the inauguration.  PS: I like its opening royal fanfare.
bulletBush Speaks
bulletWelcome to Bush is Lord (Dig the halos)
bulletfnn247 - FNN - Fake News Network 24/7 - a parody of guess what
bulletChortler - The New Series Of Russian Emoticons (which bear a remarkable resemblance to the old Kerry emoticons)
bulletTrading Cards: American Crusade 2001+
bulletFahrenheit 9/11 | I've Seen the Movie How do I Help the Soldiers?
bullet Bushisms Quiz - Stupid Bush Quotes  - multiple choice - which was really GWB?  (I got a 60% - this is not as easy as it looks.)
bulletBush and Moses - FLOWGO.com (my apologies in advance)
bulletDr. Seuss Went to War - Ted Geisel's political cartoons
bullet The Real Truth About E-Mail - (thanks to Beatriz)
bulletBush's Secret iPod Playlist
bulletPolitical Lightbulb Jokes! - FLOWGO.com
bulletChortler - Who Should Pay For Social Security? - a poll
bulletA Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test
bullet PoliticalCliche.com - Cliches in American Politics
bulletReforming Social Security: President's Confidential Memo to Party Foot Soldiers Explaining New Policy of "Zero Tolerance for Geriatric Decrepitude" - WHITEHOUSE.ORG
bulletMyPyramid.gov - United States Department of Agriculture - the latest Food Pyramid from Uncle Sam - for real, check it out
bulletJob Hunting In America - FLOWGO.com
bulletPark The Pope! Game - The Pope wants pizza!  Can you get the Pope mobile to the pizza place without hitting any pedestrians along the way?
bulletLaura Bush "Stand-up" @ the White House Correspondents Dinner - Laura's good!  The video.
bulletTHE MEATRIX - a clever, well-done parody of "The Matrix" which advocates family farms as opposed to factory farms.  A 2005 Webby Award Winner.
bullet North America Settled by Just 70 People, Study Concludes - Yahoo! News - this is not a joke, this is serious.  I found it amazing.
bullet heyYEAGH! - mix together Howard Dean and the band Outkast and wadda ya get? 
bullet Dubya Goes to War! - the Saddam Page.  Saddam's back in the news, time for this golden-oldie.
bulletSteady Leadership?  Gaffe-Prone Bush Crashes His Bike Again
bulletRelated: Bush's Steady Leadership - Bush Political Cartoon
bullet The Empire Strikes Bush - Quoting George Lucas: "Star Wars is a wakeup call to Americans about the erosion of democratic freedoms under George W. Bush."  Interesting article from the WASHINGTON POST.
bullet CNN.com - Lucas on Iraq war, 'Star Wars' - May 16, 2005 - similar to the above

bulletThe Star Wars Section (May the Force Be With You.) - From "Movie Madness" - not necessarily political
bullet Starwords - Have you ever wondered what becomes of those words at the beginning of the Star Wars movie(s) that scroll off into space?  Of course you have.  Watch this and you'll know.
bulletGeorge W. Bush, Episode II (streaming) - a Star Wars parody starring GWB as, um, Darth Vader (moved from "News & Views")
bulletM&M'S Chocolate MPire - An amusing M&M parody of "Star Wars"
bullet Grocery Store Wars | Join the Organic Rebellion - Cuke Skywalker, Darth Tater, C3Peanut, Chewbroccoli...  (Organic) vegetables do Star Wars.  Cute & funny.
bulletStar Wars: Welcome to the Official Site
bulletSTAR WARS: EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH - The music from Sony. (I like John Williams' music.)


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