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"California, Busted" - Week of November 7, 2004 (This Archive Started October 27, 2003)

Week of November 7 - Wrapping up "California, Busted?" after over a year's worth.  After this week find it stored @ "California, Busted?" ArchiveActually, all things considered, while California can be, um, rather "interesting", and different, I believe that's part of its charm.  No, I don't think California's busted.  Not at all.  In fact, it's a lot less busted than many of our United States these days, IMHO.

Along this line, reading the L. A. TIMES Ed/Op pages has been very lively reading since the Election.  Readers apologizing to the rest of the world.  Readers contemplating if the Constitution would allow this state to secede.  It goes on and on.

One thing that can certainly be said about California - our governor is never boring.  The Governator is always up to something.  Lately he's been in Japan to pump up interest in our fair state.  I make fun and sometimes complain about Arnold - but all in all he's not such a bad guy - or a bad governor.  He certainly does work hard.

Winter's been here for some time now with early dark, cooler temperatures, and the occasional "Winter Storm" (rain).  Yes, the deciduous trees' leaves have been turning color (in the pathetic faded pastel way they do around here) and those leaves are falling off, same as they do by you.  Not as many falling leaves here as Back East, since we have fewer deciduous trees, opting here instead for a lot of palm trees and some evergreens.

Enough lecture about California trees in the Fall... 

Have a good one!

Week of October 31 - Omigod.  Maybe it's more like "America, Busted?"

I am in recovery from the Election.  Beware, my crabbiness may show.

Two antidotes for tonight (11/4):  Some TV candy and some real candy.  I'm going to watch the season premiere of "The O. C." whilst I eat the Hershey's With Almonds bar my dear son was kind enough to give me, knowing that I badly needed such medicine to help cure my Election blues.

California?  Gee, Arnold was active in this Election!  Nobody can say the man doesn't earn his pay.  Not only did he phone me to "pump [me] up" (really, he used the "pumping up" words, Hans & Franz), but he also phoned my son, who then hung up on him.  There is something somehow satisfying about hanging up on The Terminator, perhaps?  "Hi, I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger."  CLICK.

Yes, we had a big Election turn-out here.  Yes, my (electronic) voting machine didn't work very well.  I jammed my right index finger as a result of my repeated and vigorous efforts to enter my voting selections.  I was about to take my fist to the "Enter" button since it seemed that was the only way it would work, but then feared that I might break the machine and/or the voting "booth", spoiling my ballot, which certainly would not do.  So I just keep jabbing, wishing the old punch-card machines were back.  I did, in the end, complete and cast my ballot successfully, however painfully.

The Props?  Too darn many!  Won some, lost some.  'Least we won't be over-run with casinos. 

Halloween:  Do grown-ups in other states dress up and party for Halloween?  I think California adults are more into the holiday than the kids.  [scratching my Midwest head]  Is it that way everywhere now?

See also my son's newly-posted O. C.-relevant photo.

Week of October 24 - Being sick I lost a week here. (see top of this Page).  In sum - it rained a lot last week.  Winter has begun.

Hey, Arnold called me this afternoon.  Too bad I picked up the phone, or I would have gotten him taped on my answering machine.  Strange experience.  He invited me - and all the rest of California - to a gathering against special interests, or some such, at the Anaheim Convention Center this Saturday.  No, I didn't notice his using the "Bush" word at all.  Thank you, Arnold.

I have got to sit down with that massive California Voter's Guide and my sample ballot and get my election business all wrapped up already.

It's only next Tuesday!


Week of October 10 - According to the National Weather Service we are under a *Severe Weather Alert* as I write.  They tell it best:  "...FIRST SIGNIFICANT RAINFALL IN EXTREME SOUTHWESTERN CALIFORNIA IN OVER 180 DAYS EXPECTED THIS WEEKEND..." 


It's Winter all of a sudden.

As you may have noticed, it is certain that neither the Cubs nor the Angels are headed for the World Series.  : (

It really is Winter...

Week of October 3 - Still getting election materials from the state.  We have over 150 pages of election information, from the state alone, to study up on before Nov. 2.  Although, thank goodness, that we do.  The state election material is always excellent, not to mention indispensable, to get us through the complicated maze that is California elections.

I might be a poll worker this election.  I'm seriously considering it.

On to lighter matters...  The Angels are in the post-season!  Tomorrow night is a must-win game for them, however.  The Dodgers are also in the post-season.  A freeway series??

Looking ahead to the basketball season, I may no longer be much of a Lakers fan.  Shaq's gone.  Kobe's so low in my estimation now I don't think I even want to watch him anymore.  I don't even know who else is left, not much of anybody?

A random happy note, as long as they don't eat anybody:  A new litter of mountain lion cubs (4) were just born in the Santa Monica mountains to the pair of mountain lions living there.

P.S.:  What's with all this talk about Arnold becoming President?  Let's let him be Governor for at least a term, then see if he's possible Presidential material.

Week of Sept. 26 - Feels like Fall here today, looking like rain and only 68 degrees.  No significant wildfires last week despite those red flag warnings, happily.  It's been doing some rocking and rolling in this state: Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada - Index Map.  Count 'em - three this week.  Nothing we've noticed around here, though.  Frankly, Mother Earth has been very quiet here for a very long time.  She was pretty active in the late '80s and early '90s - Whittier, Big Bear/Landers, Northridge...  My house was getting beat up from it all. 

I hate to say this, but it does seem we're due after all this time. 

Mild earthquakes are interesting; it's the ones that knock things down, cause cracks and otherwise break things, make noise, kill people, make you wonder if your walls can hold up that are the scary and bothersome ones. 

Other local matters:  The L.A. Times mentioned today that Orange County here no longer has a non-Latino white majority.  Now the secret's out - it's been a long, long time since that image of us all being blondes here in SoCal resembled reality.  I've been feeling like a blue-eyed freak for years now.

Week of Sept. 19 - Red flag warning today meaning let's hope we don't have any wildfires here.  The warning is because the Santa Anas are blowing - those hot, dry winds out of our desert that so often act up at this time of the year.

Otherwise, it's basically the S.O.S here.  Only a few more weeks until the election.

Week of Sept. 12 - The weather's slightly more fall-like.  Thank goodness.  Mostly, though, I'm glad I'm not living in the Southeast!  My dad and a friend do, however, so I am worried about them.

I saw my first list of all our Nov. 2 Propositions - all *16* of them!  Lots of controversy here.  Some of the more interesting Props are the one about stem cell research (and its financing), the two about Indians and casinos, the one about employers and their employees' healthcare insurance, the one about a felons' DNA database, and the one amending the three-strikes law. 

Looks like we California voters have our homework cut out for us.  Hope our new electronic voting machines work okay here in O.C.  They were so-so in the gubernatorial recall election.

Saw a wild sea lion - or was it a seal? - while I was at a pier at Balboa last weekend.  :  )

At Disneyland, first Tigger got into trouble, then when the, er, employee/cast member/Tigger became Goofy, he got into trouble again.  !  Sounds like pink slip time to me.  Naughty Tigger/Goofy... [Correction:  This Tigger/Goofy brouhaha was at Disney World.  I got my Disney parks goofed up.  Oops, sorry.]

"The O.C." TV show starts again this week.

Week of Sept. 5 - Saturday is 9/11.  We'll be having numerous remembrances around here. 

California has the largest number of war dead in Iraq.

It's way too hot, also too humid, here this week.

It's back to school week!

We did not get that earthquake which was predicted to happen by Sept. 5.  Thank you.

Week of August 29 - Did you catch Arnold at the Convention?  His presentation was impressive, but did he have to say "economic girlie men"?!  I've had it with his "girlie men."  It doesn't even make sense.

So, Kobe's not having his criminal trial.  Basically, we'll never know the truth about this situation.

It keeps being too summer here - hot, humid, and ozone-y.  Makes me crabby (see all of the above).


Week of August 22 - My first-born was attacked by the ocean this week, darn.  The ocean picked her up and threw against a bunch of big, sharp rocks.  The Pacific is to be respected, for sure.  Daughter is okay - nothing some Neosporin and band-aids couldn't fix, maybe a little bruising.  Fortunately life-guards keep first-aid items handy, bless 'em.

The Angels are on quite a winning streak, plus got 21, yes, 21 runs last night.

Californians continue to pick up Olympic medals.

I don't remember what Arnold was up to this week.  Something I'm sure.  This is something I like, sometimes don't like, about Arnold - he's always up to something.  The man gathers no moss.  He's not Arnold the Slacker.

Week of August 15 - I'm going to have to back and look again at this morning's L. A. TIMES.  Was I not yet fully awake (entirely possible)? or did I actually read something about Arnold, casinos, and Indians?

Speaking of casinos, there's rumblings about a casino near Disneyland.  What would Walt think?!

Back to our Gov. Arnold again - Will he, or will he not, veto our new $7.75 (in 2006) minimum wage?

And...our Angels are in a wild-card race. 

And...the Mars Rovers keep on roving, not unlike a couple of Energizer Bunnies, albeit they are starting to break down like old cars.

Last, but certainly not least, both sad news and happy news about our local heroes: We've been having a high number of Iraq troop casualties as well as Olympic winners from here. 

Week of August 8 - More wildfires, power watches, ozone, and heat.  Same old summer same old here.

While TV-slumming last night, I watched "Trading Spouses."  The trade involved a family living here in O. C.

Actually, during the show's commercials I was watching our Guv's movie "Collateral Damage."  (It still feels strange having an Action Hero Governor.  It does make me more interested in his movies.)

Week of August 1 - Had a power outage yesterday - it blew out not only us, but 100,000 others, including Knott's [Berry Farm], where folks were left stuck at the tops of roller-coasters.

Arnold is threatening to sell the Orange County Fairgrounds (the Fair had record-breaking attendance this summer).

Week of July 25 - It's looking like we may get a state budget this week.  Only about three weeks late - not bad for us.  The budget looks remarkably like a Davis budget, curiously, with all its borrowing.  Bottom line:  Like it or not, we need a tax increase, especially on the wealthy.  Even Reagan and Wilson taxed the rich at a higher rate than they're taxed now.

Reading between the lines of my newspaper, Arnold may be considering some getting even with our state legislators, as pay back for all the grief they've been giving him over the budget. 

It still feels a little strange sometimes having Arnold Schwarzenegger - "The Terminator", and so forth - as governor...

We've been on "Power Watch" some this week on account of hot weather. 

Week of July 18 - Okay, so who hasn't heard about Arnold's "girlie men" and about how we voters should "terminate" our state legislators at the polls next November?  Then, our state legislators whined "homophobic" and "sexist" back at Arnold.  (Our state legislators are not a wonderful bunch, BTW.  Some of us wanted to recall them right along with Davis.)

As a California voter I am PO'ed.  We're back to our old summertime Sacramento playground brawls over the state budget deadline.  And, again, the budget is late.  Please grow up, everybody, cut the childish name-calling and just govern our state right, would ya?  Yeesh.  It's also embarrassing to see our state yet again something for others to laugh about.

More summer same old same old, again:  Wildfires, heat, too much traffic and crowds, and smog.  Unbelievably wonderful beaches.

Week of July 11 - Arnold quoted in today's Los Angeles Times:  "I will stay here until 2006.  I will stay here, and I will fight like a warrior for the people.  And there is no one that can stop me.  If anyone pushes me around, I will push back, including the Democrats and the special interests.  Trust me."  Yep, the honeymoon does appear over for Arnold.  Yes, it's July which means the state budget is late again - two weeks overdue, with the state government deadlocked yet again.  So Arnold will "fight like a warrior" for me?  Cool.

More same old same old:  Wildfires, heat, too much traffic and crowds, and smog.  Unbelievably wonderful beaches.

Oh, and Kobe signed on.  Not sure if I care or not.  Shaq is gone : ( - I am sorry to see him go.

Week of July 4 - So, the week started off well.  Surf City's beach fireworks went well, as I knew they would.  The 4th was indeed a beautiful day at the beach.

The Lakers are now a sorry mess; the Angels are currently a mess. 

Arnold is still striving to get his budget in almost on time.  He is not succeeding.  In fact, is the honeymoon now over?

Week of June 27 - I went to the Angels game - and they lost.  Boo.  I had a lot of fun at Anaheim Stadium, just the same.  They've just gotta be able to beat those A's if they want to win the Pennant.

Fourth of July is this week.  Surf City's having its 100th anniversary always-humongous-anyway Parade.  Jerry "Beaver Cleaver" Mathers will be the Grand Marshall. 

At long last, the most logical location for shooting fireworks - the beach - will be used this year.

Arnold is striving to get his budget in almost on time.

Week of June 20 - I'm going to an Angels game tonight - hurray!

Week of June 13 - Thank God those NBA Finals are over.  Ugh!  Blah!  Disgusting.  I do have to tip my hat to the Pistons, however, they were simply playing better than the Lakers.

Arnold is striving to get his budget in on time.

Week of June 6 - The biggest California thing this week was the death of former President Reagan.

As to the Lakers, after that last whipping from the Pistons, I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to tomorrow's game, or not.

Week of May 30 - Memorial Day week.  A sadder, more serious Memorial Day holiday than I can ever remember.  It's part D-Day anniversary; and mostly, thoughts of our troops who have died, and continue to die, in Iraq.

On a lighter, happier note...  The Lakers are in the Finals!  Hurray.  So I've got some good basketball-watching coming up.


Week of May 23 - The Lakers are still rolling along.  The Angels are #1.

About the newbie California branch of the family, I'm going to have to make crystal clear to the Kansas twins the difference between our wimpy mild waterspouts vs.  full-blown KANSAS TORNADOES.  Right now Nathan and Kyle are afraid to go to the beach!  Boys, you're not in Kansas anymore. 

With Memorial Day weekend, The Crowded Season will begin, darn.  I'm among those California residents who like the parks and beaches best when it is not summer.

Week of May 16 - Along with the rest of the country, we're getting socked by astronomical gasoline prices.  Our prices seem to be the highest of all.  See AAA's gas price stats for California, as well as nationally.  And, in California, without a car, most of us are pretty grounded.  Somebody please do something about this already - it's bad for all of us.  (Well, except for the oil business...)

The gas prices, the bad war news, etc. is enough to make you just want to go to the beach and forget it all.  The beach these days?  Wonderful, as it always is, bless it.  Huntington Beach Surf Cam

And, the Lakers beat the Spurs - hurray!

Week of May 9 - Thank goodness it has cooled down now.  Oddly enough, when I was in Corona this week I couldn't hardly tell they had a helluva time there last week

It's Duck-A-Thon Time in Surf City!       

And, you thought babes and surfers was what the beach scene was all about...  Little rubber duckies, Corporate Duckies, Mardi Gras Duckies, Mama Duckies, City Politician Duckies will all compete in an ocean race this Saturday.  Who will get there first?  And, check out the Duckmobile.  Watch out for sharks.

Week of May 2 - Recording-breaking heat!  Fire!  A fine howdy-do for my Kansas daughter and her family - she moves here, starting out by staying with her Corona.  If I were her, I'd be wondering if I had moved to California or to Hell. 

Yeah, my family is just fine.  Thank God!  I think they've found it mostly exciting.

So I've spent a couple of bizarre evenings this week on the phone to my daughters, trying to catch fire news on TV, and watching "the earthquake movie."  You know the one - "10.5."  I thought it might be a fun movie to watch in the same bad science-adventure sense as the "Godzilla" movies.  It didn't disappoint - it was pretty hokey. The second part was particularly outrageous; I live on that would-be island.  And, nuclear bombs to fix the San Andreas fault...?!

"The O.C." had its season finale.  My prediction:  The kid will be back from Chino.  By the way, the title of the show is a humorous jab, so it does make sense after all.  I sure wish the moms would grow up already.  Or at least get fat.

Yes, it's becoming increasingly less Hell-like around here.  God bless those wonderful firefighters.  Heroes, as usual.


Week of April 25 - How befitting this section: My daughter and her family sold their house in Kansas, loaded their belongings into a rented truck, then drove here to California.  ["Hurray!!"]  Daughter and family are not unlike the Joads of John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath - or "The Beverly Hillbillies", for that matter.  We warned them about the cost of housing out here, but they're here just the same.  Welcome home!  California here they came.

Week of April 18 - Seems to be Propositionpalooza out here - already.  Direct democracy run amok?  I wonder how long the November ballot will be? 

See this about our former governor:  Davis Adds Commercial to List of TV Credits

As Gov. Gray Davis himself says, if an actor can become a governor, why can't a governor become an actor?

Week of April 11 - Angels still kicking butt.  Rovers still roving, even though "Spirit" has already finished its list of Mars chores.  Lots of curious news stories about Arnold lately:  How many governors go on vacation, and while swimming, grab a guy in trouble, lift him onto a boogie board, and haul him to shore?  This next is not life-or-death: I keep reading about Arnold and his "deal-making tent", his outdoor canvas refuge/cigar retreat near his Governor Office.  I don't have a problem with this, just consider it a curious image.

More seriously, I salute the little six-year-old girl, Ruby Bustamente, who managed to survive a car accident as well as ten days in the Riverside County wilderness all by herself.

Week of April 4 - Welp, some folks up in L.A. just voted out the Big Box Wal-Mart. 

Good news/bad news here.  The bad and sad news:  We continue to lose troops in Iraq.  An awful lot of these kids are from California.  As a result, and sadly, the flag in Sacramento regularly is flying at half-staff.  I salute our troops and hope they all come home safe and sound soon. 

On a brighter note, the baseball season has begun, with "my" Anaheim Angels kicking major baseball butt.  Go Halos.  The Lakers have clinched a play-off berth, too.


Week of March 29 - We have a new state quarter - see left.  I like it.  That's John Muir, a California condor, and Yosemite's Half-Dome there.   The new quarter is the product of a designer who is also a nature lover.  Good.  Lord only knows what could have gone on the quarter...

Week of March 22 - Spring is here.  Yes, we do have Spring here.  Consider it subtle.  My plants out on the balcony are starting to perk up and grow.  The days are longer. 

A pleasant surprise for this former Midwesterner:  I recognized the leaves in a couple of my neighbor's plant containers as being daffodil and tulip, respectively.  I then made a point of making sure I saw them blooming.  And, I did, much to my delight.  I miss my daffodils and tulips left behind in the Midwest.  But, see, you can have them here, too.  Not to mention roses that grow like weeds, as well as year-round flowers.

Week of March 15 - My dad, who lives in North Carolina, was visiting and checking out the area to see if he wanted to move here.  His take: The deserts are too hot, the people are too many and too young, the housing is too expensive (no kidding!), and he couldn't find gasoline while on our freeways (but he liked our freeway signs).

Week of March 8 - Record-breaking temperatures the past few days.  It's August in March.  The hills and mountains are more beautiful than usual in that they are usually brown and gray, but now are green and white.  This is what a winter storm will do here.  I got a total kick out of seeing Arnold and our "disposed" Governor, Gray Davis, together on Jay Leno.  They almost seem the best of buddies, and, yes, quite a comic duo.  Arnold with the wisecracks, Davis has a great deadpan.  Coming soon to a theater near you...okay, after Arnold is done being governor. 

Week ending March 5 - The primary is done.  Schwarzenegger and education - and probably California - won.  However, we're still stuck with that unreasonable 2/3 vote required for any money legislation, darn it.  The worst swear word in California is the "T" word.  Dare I say it?  (....taxes....)  Up to the very last minute I was undecided re Kerry vs. Edwards (And I could have voted for a Dean delegate...).  We had new funny election machines - eSlates they call them - super-sized Palm Pilots with a twirly wheel and an American flag waving after you hit the "Cast Your Ballot" button.  The grocery strike is over - finally!  Our intrepid robot geologists of outer space, the Rovers, have discovered evidence of water once being on Mars.  The Oscars took place - very elegant.  The "Lord of the Rings" won.

Week ending February 27 - Lots and lots of rain and snow and cold (40 - 65 degrees here) lately, but no bad mud slides so far, thank God.  I've got to wrap this up in time to catch the Larry King/The L.A. Times Presidential debate here in Calif.  Still trying to figure out which candidates to pick and how to vote on "the Props."  I do know a definite "Yes" on Prop 56 (re the state legislature and budget/$$), a probable "Yes" on 58 (balanced budget), and a probable "Yes" on 55 (schools).  Kerry?  Edwards?  Kerry?  Edwards?  Rovers continue, grocery strike seems close to resolution (!).  Arnold's 100th Day as Governor.  So far, so good.  I do appreciate his involvement, his hands-on, let's get the job done style.  No one can say he doesn't work hard at being Governor.


Week ending February 20 - We had full-on winter yesterday, Southern California-style: rain, wind, temperatures in the 50's.  It was great (I get tired of so much stupid sun all the time, especially its accompanying smog.).  Happily there were no mudslides or significant flooding.  Grocery strike and Rovers continue.  Looks like our state primary on March 2 - Super Tuesday - will actually count for something in the selection of a Democratic candidate.  I'm getting more serious about my "election homework", reading the state Voter's Guide in more depth.  Some interesting and important Propositions are up for a vote, as well as important local matters, in addition to choosing a presidential candidate. 

Week ending February 13 - The well-behaved Grammys at the Staples Center.  The grocery strike continues endlessly.  The Rovers continue and the state primary approaches.  Not really much new here - we're in a lull. 

Week ending February 6 - After all the excitement at the Super Bowl half-time, Laguna Beach High School has decided to back out of being turned into a MTV reality show.  The Mars Rovers are still doing their thing.  At L.A.X. a guy made it past two security checkpoints and onto a passenger jet without being stopped.  Seems nobody ever bothered to check for his ticket or I.D.  And, finally, the state election is less than a month away.  Will "Schwarzenegger's bonds" pass?  Will the Presidential primary race be decided before our state election with its kajillion delegates, or not? 

Week ending January 30 - More Rovers, more Michael Jackson, more Kobe, more state money messes.  Other than that - same old same old.  Except...for the freshly-landed Opportunity Rover.  And, it looks as if Spirit Rover may recover from its computer crash.  (Too many files and too little memory is such an everyday Earthly problem.  Even I've had that, haven't you?)  Mars Rovers  Our big state primary will be heating up real soon now - with not only the Presidential primary, but lots of important state and local races and propositions.

Week ending January 23 - Bad news today for the Mars Rover, in that it is not speaking, at least not coherently.  Hopefully, the NASA guys'll get the robot talking again.  Mars Rover

In Santa Maria and at the Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson and his Caravan of Love.  So how long will it take the Judge to revoke Michael's bail in order to stop the circus?  Michael Jackson arraignment photos

Arnold uses the "Armageddon" word to describe what will happen to our state finances if his March bond measure isn't passed.  Breaking News: I just received my voter's book in the snail mail, hmmm, a Proposition for a $15 billion bond.  Quarreling begins over Arnold's budget.  $$$$$$$$$$...

Week ending January 16 - Lions and Rovers and Bears, oh my!  (Okay, no new bear stories, but we do have plenty of bears here.  Sometimes they'll take a uninvited dip in someone's swimming pool.)  Right here in Orange County a man was killed and a woman nearly killed by a mountain lion.  Seems some of the lions have come to the conclusion that humans are less to be feared than to be eaten.  On the edges of our "citified" areas we've long known to keep our small pets indoors (coyotes mostly the problem).  In other news, again still more hikers have been getting lost as well as falling off of mountains.  The good news: I don't think anybody's drowned recently.  No earthquakes, no mudslides.  Okay, okay, a giant wave coming, but, whatever...


Lastly, back to Earth here in Calif., there sure are some ecstatic folks over at Boeing after hearing President Bush's space speech.

Week ending January 9 - State of the State address, by our new governor, which was kind of a surreal experience.  And, the Clippers beat the Lakers, what was with that?  But, best of all!, and with pride and gratitude, our own Pasadena NASA/JPL guys!  Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Home

Week ending January 2 -

Happy New Year!  We've had the Rose Bowl parade and game.  Both were wonderful.  (Lucky for the game and especially the parade that there was a break in our rainy weather.)  Huge crowds turned out - orange alerts don't keep The Southland at home.  It's raining today, as the photo at left shows.  Hopefully the people in the wildfire area won't get any mudslides.  I wanted to put away our outdoor Christmas lights and tinsel garlands today, but it's just too rainy.  We had an earthquake this week - just a "three-pointer" epicentered in Diamond Bar.  Three bangs against our apartment.  Reminded me of the shuttle's sonic booms when it would like at Edwards Air Force Base or a truck driver out of control hitting the wall.  No biggie.

Week ending December 26 - Christmas week!  The first rainy Christmas since we moved here (1985).  As a result of this storm, killer mud slides happened in the same place as last Fall's killer wildfires. Orange terror alert time, with Paris flights to Los Angeles cancelled.  An earthquake on the central coast.  San Simeon was struck, but appears to be unharmed.  In Paso Robles two women were killed from the collapse of an old brick building.  Brick walls do not do well in earthquakes.

Week ending December 19 - Continued pretty holiday lights.  Continued grocery strike.  It was too hot yesterday.  Arnold (what I call our governor for short - do you blame me?) is up to all kinds of unusual things lately.  For example, from my breakfast newspaper today, actual headline: "Schwarzenegger Seizes Reins of Power in Capitol."  Yikes!  As to whether this is a good thing, or a bad thing, I await the results.  (Is it even legal?  Or "American"?  Can Arnold actually even turn the state around?  Is this a movie or is this real life?)


Week ending December 12 -

More Christmas in California.  Time to mention Huntington Beach's new outdoor ice skating rink, located near the pier.  Yes, an ice rink located on a Southern California beach, the skaters surrounded by palm trees, with some skaters wearing sleeveless shirts (see photo, from the HUNTINGTON BEACH INDEPENDENT). 

Among the posted "Holiday On Ice Rules":  Skaters must wear socks.  No bare feet on the ice. 


Week ending December 5 - (Boy, was I grouchy last week - see below.)  It's Christmas-time!  Christmas parades have begun.  Christmas parades are more fun here because you don't have to freeze your behind off.  It's easier on the parade participants, too.  The Holiday Season here begins with the Pasadena Doo-Dah Parade, then the Hollywood Christmas Parade, then the boat parades going on all along The Coast... 

Week ending November 28 - Thanksgiving!  Spent 2 1/2 hours on the 91 for a trip that, with luck, takes only 45 minutes.  At one point we covered a whole six miles in only one hour.  Started wondering if I should get out of the car and walk to my daughter's house.  Latest on the Governator - he may take government directly to the people in the form of a handful of ballot initiatives on next March's ballot.  Help.  And...our major grocery chains are now shut down altogether, just in time for the start of the holiday season.

Week ending November 21 - and I thought I'd have nothing to say this week, and then Michael Jackson happened... 

Week ending November 14 - Threatened mud slides.  Thunderstorms, flooding and hail.  Who says we don't have weather?  Next week:  The Governator takes office.

Week of November 7 - No recall, no fires, still MTA and grocery strikes, but not much of anything else happening, for a change - hurray!  Our "winter" has begun.

Week of October 27 - The California Fires

Southern California fires, dated 10/27 [updated 11/21].  We were under that center smoke plume in that top photo, left. 

My heart goes out to the people genuinely suffering from this.  My appreciation, yet again, goes out to our gallant firefighter heroes.  Help fire victims by giving to the Red Cross.  

The new Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Finally, we have a really cool building  here in Los Angeles.  Is it a rose?  A sailing ship?  An artichoke?  Regardless, I like it. 



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(Tiny yellow "New", "Little Construction Guy", and a few other clip art items are from Microsoft Office)

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